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Miss Margaret Rosann (Maggie)

And so we all tucked it away in our hearts and memory bank. The family gathered to welcome this new life into our loving arms and surround her with our prayers and love.

Tom and I became great-grandparents when granddaughter Devon gave birth to Maggie on the morning of September 11, 2021 in Lansing, Michigan. She came into the world with all the graces of good health and beauty and will enjoy a life centered in faith and love.

We, in Lexington, Kentucky, awaited the joyous news and word that all was fine and that was the case, We being her great grandparents Tom and Sue, and great aunt Laura and family, Carl and Amy. Then we would await the time between her birth and October 10, when she would be baptized and we would all be present.

We all gathered for the 10 am Mass at St. Martha Church in Okemos, Michigan on a beautiful blue-sky Sunday morning. After the Mass, the deacon baptized Margaret Rosann, blessed as a child of God.

St. Martha Church,–Okemos, MI

Margaret Rosann wore the most beautiful baptismal gown made by Grandmother Kathleen, who took the fabric and lace from her own wedding gown and fashioned it into Maggie’s baptismal dress. It was gorgeous and meaningful, as a material that continues to bless their marriage vows in graces coming down through the generations of family love.

Grandma Kathleen
Grandpa Greg
Dad and Mom Tyler and Devon and Maggie

The Mitchell’s — Great Aunt Laura, Carl, and Amy
Great Grands — Tom and Sue and Doug

One of Maggie’s namesakes is Rosann, for Great Grandmother, Rosann who passed when Devon was a pre-schooler. Rosann was very charasmatic in the Spirit, and I know she rejoiced with great joy during this baptism time. She is an ancestor present in the growing generations of her family of sons and daughters-in-law. And they are numerous.

We enjoyed a family gathering and luncheon in Tyler’s and Devon’s home and returned home filled with grace and promise of God’s love present in our lives.

Uncle Andrew
Great Grandfather Tom

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