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Butterflies Always Make Me Happy!

I have just renewed my Napkinwriter Blog Platform for another year. In many other ways, I am limiting or ending my various social media communications. But Napkinwriter was my original foray into blogging via internet and sharing my thoughts, stories, and images with my internet family and friends. I will continue to post my Napkinwriter writings (short) and my watercolor ART BY SUE on my Facebook Page, or you can follow me at http://www.napkinwriter.wordpress.com.

Thank you for your encouragement and kind responses to Napkinwriter. My two monikers of the heart are: Napkinwriter and JOURNEY GIRL, from my memoir, still available on Amazon.com

And color makes me so happy. And with the instruction I’ve received over the past five years, I have collected a lot of high quality and expensive Daniel Smith watercolors, which I look forward to spreading all over papers in the coming year. I found it was not hard to talk myself into “must have” colors as I watched Angela Fehr work magic on her creations over the internet. Such a wonderful teacher. Such a wonderful artist community to share with. And I, myself, found some magic along the way in my own paintings. What joy this past time has given me. But I will keep watercolor in the present time also.

One of My Very Favorites given to a Viet Nam Vet

Perplexed Kitty in the Leaves

My writing and painting have been a little interrupted at this time, as I change my creative room around quite a bit to include a guest bed and one to have if needed for a medical option. I am in a focused self-care mode, as some medical specialities put me through a series of diagnostic procedures to determine the state of my health and I am doing all I can to ensure they find that I am in a good state of health. Perhaps some little tweaks to help mobility and ease some aches.

So my creative room is welcoming this change, and I see it being a wondrous relaxation site where I can dream up even more color and poetry. My memoir, JOURNEY GIRL, Steps in Secrets and Sanctuary, published in Sept. 2020 is wonderfully present and was highlighted last fall when I was feature speaker at Magnificat, Mary’s Garden chapter for Catholic women in Lexington, KY. This book also has a cherished place and mission in my creative room. And I still have planned promotion to do with it.

Delivery from Balboa Press — , Books for Sale

Mystery Mother Comes To Light

And long ago, I learned that the stage of chaos precedes the act of creativity and I believe that is true. And right now, I have a high level of chaos present in my surroundings that are just bursting with energy to get into the creative process. Just wait…..I will share the outcomes very soon.

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