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From early in my Napkinwriter blogging. I still look to that eternal spring of living water within me as Christine Whitelaw points out in her comment.  Select the underlined Napkinwriter link  or the view original  link  to see the full blog and poem  and comments.


This morning’s gospel reading was the story of Jesus meeting the Samaritan woman at the well. Our parish priest loves this story and spends time on many of the insights into Jesus and what he tells us about himself and about ourselves in this story.

The largest image of the story is this wonderful eternal spring of fresh water within each of us that we can return to time after time in the quiet of our heart and soul and be refreshed with grace, energy, wisdom, consolation, and any need we may have at the time.

The woman feels such a release from this encounter at the well that she tells Jesus to stay there and she runs off to get her friends to listen to him for the next two days. They came because she wanted them to, but they stayed because they wanted to.

I have had the grace to have people in my…

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DADIRRIDREAMING DIALOGUES –– On August 25, 2011 dadirri7 reblogged this poem I had written on her blog. Angels in the Doorway. I posted this after Tom, during an early recovery from a trio of skin cancer surgeries, got up in the middle of the night because he heard voices, looked down the hallway into a space between kitchen area and open living area, and saw two light beings engaged in discussion. Christine Whitelaw was not surprised at this.

In reblogging my poem, Christine said:

“A beautiful message from Angels, written by my blogging friend Napkinwriter …pay attention to the space between where you are now and where you are going”

Click on “Read More….”  to read my poem. There is a note of related stories at the bottom.  “I Have Something To Tell You”,  is my blog of Tom’s account of the light beings in our home.  You can select that to read the account.


A beautiful message from Angels, written by my blogging friend Napkinwriter …pay attention to the space between where you are now and where you are going …

Angels in a Doorway

In an open doorway, there is a space. It is the space between where you are and where you are going. Pay attention to what comes to you when you open this door with the space between you and your future. We are in that spac … Read More

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unfurlingPhotography by Christine Whitelaw (c)

This is the last photo of Christine’s I plan to publish on my blog. Her photos belong to her and her family and to however they give them to the world. However, I shall continue the conversation between us through an occasional posting in Napkinwriter under the newly added category of dadirridreaming dialogues.

The energy is still there between us. I shall revisit my beginning blogs and pluck out her comments to the subject at hand and have a new discussion. I shall hear her voice in some of my quiet time reflections because she is all about essence and I can hear her in the Truth of All that Is.

I heard her today in my early morning reflective reading in Unity’s Daily Word for Friday, August 1, 2014.

The subject listed at the top of the page is AGELESS.

The affirmation (and challenge for today for me is)  I honor my ageless nature by living with enthusiasm and gratitude.

The reflection words I read  sounded like they came from her voice (and I have never heard her speak).

“The essence of my being is ageless. The spark of divinity, of God, within me, is everlasting. It was there before my birth and will continue beyond my physical body….No matter my chronological age, my spirit is as new as a budding leaf

“Their leaves will not wither….but they will bear fruit every month, because the water for them flows from the sanctuary.”  Ezekiel 47:12

Thank you, Christine, for this dialogue today.

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Australian bird of the sea
Photography by Christine Whitelaw (c)

From the words of Sue, Napkinwriter:

It has been three days now since I’ve learned of Christine’s passing. I am alone in grief. The tears of my heart have now reached the windows of my eyes and I let them flow. I, too, as Christine instructed Stuart, will not blubber. I walk in the consciousness that an enormously large “footprint” of light on earth has passed beyond time and space. I know in my heartspace that Christine’s light remains and I will immerse myself in it in the days to come. Her grace-giving smile is ever ready to bring into my view.

This is my beautiful friend, Christine Whitelaw. Everyone is graced to know her, if only through her photographic images — the ones OF her and the ones she lived her life taking and posting on


Her son, Toby, created a most gracious collage of points of light in her life that can be viewed on her website under Christine’s Service.

My dreams of you, Christine, continue.

Christine and StuartChristine Whitelaw Photography (c)


From the words of Stuart, husband, lover, companion on the journey…at Christine’s service:

“The morning before the service, I walked with Mitchell and Casey on the beach. As we reached the northern end, we saw a white faced heron fly from shag rock across the water straight towards us. It landed very close and did not take off as we walked back. As we reached the southern end on the way home, the white breasted sea eagle flew over us, really low.

And the legacy is called love.

That is what she gave, and that is what she has left us all.

The chance to be in the bubble of love that enveloped the two of us in our last 24 hours together. Christine is an intensely spiritual being, but her beliefs didn’t fit into any tidy box. She visited cathedrals but was disillusioned with organized religion.

She believed (along with many physicists) that everything is vibration. She made vibrational essences at special places and usually gave them away.

She is beautiful, gentle and wise — a poet, a yogi, an intuitive healer, a Doctor of Philosophy, a writer and a wonderful photographer of wildlife and the natural world. Her gentle voice was healing by itself. ‘

We walked on the beach before breakfast last Tuesday and experienced dadirri together. And we talked about how lucky we are to be in this place with this amazing community.

We went to the farmers market in the afternoon and she was greeted and hugged by so many people.

We talked about how lucky we are to have three wonderful sons and daughters in law, and four grandkids who will one day save the world.

They have all been my rocks for the past week, but I have to especially thank Toby who beat the second ambulance to our place and helped with the terror of that morning only a week ago.

Last Tuesday, I said to Christine, ‘I hope you are having the life you want because I am. I am where I want to be and with the person I want to be with.’

She said, ‘me too’.

We didn’t always say those things. We could have just as easily been squabbling over some silly thing — usually about me cooking too much food.

We had 45 extraordinary and beautiful years together. Who can be sad at that?

One of the people who had been outside during the service (we could only fit 200 inside) told me that the whole time that the service was in progress, that the sea eagle had hovered far overhead.

When I arrived home from the wake, a neighbor rushed up to me and said,

‘did you see it, did you see it?’

When the cars left the chapel, the sea eagle swooped down and led us out, and up the road’.”


Photos are property of Christine Whitelaw (c)




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full blownPhotography by Christine Whitelaw (c)

I was introduced to the poems of Hafiz by my writing companion/mentor/friend, Janet Conner in Writing Down your Soul, in her books and e courses and her on-fire essence of purpose and intention in your personal life.   http://www.janetconner.com

Christine, too, quoted Hafiz on occation and the poem she selected below gives us a glimpse of her acceptance of the “impermanence of the body”.

She posted these words on March 20, 2014 by dadirri7 — Christine completed her travels of this mysterious existence quite abruptly on July 2, 2014.

She wrote:

“More on life and death from Hafiz: do you like the idea of being simply “a midair flight of golden wine”? 

Deepening the Wonder  by Hafiz

Death is a favor to us,
But our scales have lost their balance.

The impermanence of the body
Should give us great clarity,
Deepening the wonder in our senses and eyes

Of this mysterious existence we share
And are surely just traveling through.

If I were in the Tavern tonight,
Hafiz would call for drinks

And as the Master poured, I would be reminded
That all I know of life and myself is that

We are just a midair flight of golden wine
Between His Pitcher and His Cup.

If I were in the Tavern tonight,
I would buy freely for everyone in this world

Because our marriage with the Cruel Beauty
Of time and space cannot endure very long.

Death is a favor to us,
But our minds have lost their balance.

The miraculous existence and impermanence of Form
Always makes the illuminated ones
Laugh and Sing.

(from The Subject Tonight Is Love, poems of Hafiz by Daniel Ladinsky)


My last words on Napkinwriter from Christine were posted on June 28, 2014,  five days before she passed in response to my post on our 3 day family vacation on Mackinac Island in early June.

Just for the Family Record, June 28, 2014 archives

what a fabulous holiday Sue, I loved the butterfly house, and the pic of you three in rain gear … truly such fun and love to remember!


We entered into our friendship through words…blogging…..and our hearts met across time and space, her in Australia, me in Michigan;

Through the permanence of words, we now transcend the impermanence of the body.

I remember the fun and love of our friendship.

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full blownLotus Flower photography by Christine Whitelaw (c)
All Photographs property of Christine Whitelaw (c)

WE KNOW WHAT WE DONT  KNOW. This was posted by Christine Jan. 31, 2014 …she knew not then that her passing on July 2 was foreshadowed in these Tagore poetry lines she chose: ” I knew not then that it was so near, that it was mine, and that this perfect sweetness had blossomed in the depth of my own heart.”

The sweet lotus was her favorite flower and her photographs reflect this. Christine, a flower of perfect sweetness.


In the late afternoon we sat watching the lotus. A cool breeze took the edge off a hot day, but the water was still. How perfectly this leaf was rolled. We rolled our scattered thoughts together.

rolled rolled

Nearby another leaf had begun to open, spreading itself gently across the surface. Finding support. Taking time.

unfurling unfurling

Fluted edges rippling gracefully on the water, droplets glistening.

buds buds

Radiating patterns, undulating curves, pink teardrop buds.

full blown full blown

Fully open, stamens surrounding the central pod like a dancer’s tutu, held in the pink and white chalice of the bloom.

pods and blooms pods and blooms

Dancing in the afternoon light, pods and flowers together, celebrating the lowering sun, turning their heads to whisper sweet secrets to each other.  We bow, united, our dance concluding with the sunset.

The Lotus

On the day when the lotus bloomed, alas, my mind was straying, 
and I knew it not. My basket…

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 Christine - Daddirri Dreaming
Dadirridreaming  —  Christine Whitelaw (c)


Today is truly Wordless Wednesday for me, having just learned of my dear friend and companion blogger’s sudden passing. My container of quiet does not hold silence; my actions lose focus….I am just all about this loss.

Christine Whitelaw and I met through my Napkinwriter blog nearly three years ago. She was one of the few who commented on my writings. Then she began blogging herself which grew into a wondrous photographic blog. Through her writings came her light, compassion, and “stretching” into the wonder of life itself.

That’s what she said.   We ARE it, whatever IT is!

Through her photography, we shared nature’s embrace and brilliance as gift to us. She opened my eyes to always include my horizon, always respect my environment and always LISTEN to its teachings. I thank her for that.

Light….in her words…..and shining in her photography.

I wanted to go to Australia, but I wanted to visit Christine when I did. I wanted to walk on the beach with her, each with our cameras, each with our sharings about life with eyes wide open.  I wanted to go to Australia and attend one of Christine’s Yoga Nidra classes. I wanted the grace to participate in one of her annual Women’s Weekends.

We daydreamed about that…..Dadirridreaming and I….we did. We looked forward to that happening.

Christine’s camera lens was busy over the last few months on both adventure travels and a historical, classical travel time through Italy, France, and Spain with her beloved Stuart, husband, lover and friend of over forty years. . These images leave work behind to be continued containing her connecting spirit to us all.

She has passed and yet her work here is not even complete.  I have reblogged one of my favorites (of many) blogs of Dadirridreaming. (Australian Experience)   ALL PHOTOGRAPHS ARE HERS AND COPYRIGHTED, and she gave me permission to share in my original 2013 post.

I am at one with the sea in these images. I feel the waves and sand. I smell the salt air, I touch the water lapping around my feet and ankles, and I hear the most favorite sound of the earth……the rolling and crashing of the waves of the sea.

Stuart reported that at Christine’s service a sea bird hovered over the chapel during the entire ceremony, and when her hand-painted by Stuart’s casket was carried outside, it made one long low swoop over the receding funeral attendants and Christine.

Yes,  wordless, but I make marks on this post. I love you Christine.


Australian sand

all photos by Christine Whitelaw

A beautiful shared experience of Australia and yourself by Christine Whitelaw.



birds, nature, spirit

Clouds, Sea, Meditation


This evening I read post by Annie about peace descending on her when she spent a week in a place by the sea. Our inherent nature is peace, just as it is love, compassion, beauty, generosity, joy and wisdom. Nature shows us all this, if we can take the time to be present, to open our senses and begin to perceive who we really are.


I will be teaching a meditation class with new people next week, so I am thinking about how to explain something so simple yet so profound. Sitting with nature, sharing love, or meditating are excellent ways to discover that we do not end at the visual boundary of…

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Angels Doorway – Flickr PhotoShare


My poem was reposted by Christine on her dadirridreaming blog site.

The poem was written in 2011.   Later in the winter months of 2013 when Tom was recovering from a trio of major skin cancer surgeries, he got up in the middle of the night because he heard “male voices” down the hallway.  He opened  the door of the bedroom, looked down the hallway into the open space between the kitchen and living room and saw two light beings standing and discussing something.  He went into the bathroom off our bedroom and when he returned, it was quiet and they were gone.   The next morning, Tom said to me, “I have something to tell you,” and proceded to tell me about this.

The presence of the light beings in our home did not surprise Christine.

I wrote an account of this on a blog titled, “I Have Something to Tell You.”  If I can figure out how to get it back up here, I will repost it too.


A Message from the Angels

By Susan H. Hajec

Dedicated to Margo & Janet

In an open doorway, there is a space.
It is the space between
where you are
and where
you are going.

Pay attention to what comes to you
when you open this door
with the space between
and your future.

We are in that space
as your guides
and as your direction.
We are your angels.

So there is no need to fear
when you make your choices
from the love and light
that are in this doorway.

We are willing to pull you
or push you through the appearance
of obstacles or a harsh wind.

In this doorway you can create
a new now
filled with what is attracting you.
It takes only your decision.

There is no need
to hurry, dear one,
no need to rush.

Just be in the quiet
in the space
in the open door

between you
and your future.
We are here!
And in a millisecond
of the time it takes you to decide,
we will make it happen!

Again, do not be afraid.
It feels like you are lost
but you are not.
You are just in the space

in the open door
immersed in possibility and potential.

When what you have enjoyed
has come to an end,
it is your turn

to choose once again
what comes next
in the open door
where you can create
and just be.

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