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Fire and Fury

YES,today I live united as Fire and Fury and Woman of Peace. In 1995, I created these two Raku Fired masks,under the direction of artist Kathryn Trenshaw. I had authored a feature article on her work with at-risk teen women with masks being protection and self-definition. I, later, found myself in a Kalamazoo Arts Institute class for making masks. The two most important things I remember from that class are: #1 Come to the clay with no preconceptions and the mask will appear from your hands. #2 The mask is fired in the kiln at a higher than normal temperature for clay, so your creation can be altered and possibly even destroyed, hence the need to “let go” of the process. Such a great metaphor for my life. The masks that appeared for me were: FIRE AND FURY and WOMAN OF PEACE, non-altered in the firing. I have lived in the presence of these masks since I created them, and I’ve needed to know that every day of my life is like those two concepts; Life appears and sometimes the HEAT alters appearances, yet I now have UNION of Peace and Fury. I love being able to share this with the Holy Disorder of my friend Dancing Monks.

Woman of Peace


United as Peace and Fury

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