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My Apologies

My apologies as Napkinwriter. I have been experiencing the wild side the joyful side and a deeply entrenched tragic side for friends of mine where you can be present to their pain but not very helpful. So my writings have lagged.

I have been on a lavish 52nd anniversary vacation with Tom on St. Thomas VI and celebrated high school graduation of my grandson, Andrew.

And I am having trouble loading photos to this post, which I will have to get son-in-law Carl to help me with.

I have also been busy with the writing of an actual book which I desire very much to give birth to. Along with that, an intensive course with Janet Conner, Intersection for Writers, and a wondrous JourneyQuest Art course with Cat Caracelo. So I have not been away from my calling. I have just not stopped by for Napkinwriter. That ends now.

My promise today is that Napkinwriter returns on a regular basis.


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