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The Universe In My Body

For days, I have been pulling at the story-telling ball of yarn, searching for a thread to start a tiny story. It seems I have a varigated ball of yarn and the threads switch topics all over the place.

This is happening to me as I immerse myself in the study of and the experience of the twelve week course of Barbara Marx Hubbard’s Agents of Conscious Evolution. Her goal is to “grow” or “evolve” many thousands of us to a world-view of existing in the world as a resonating vibration of creativity that will positively affect our lives and our planet for good.

There, I’ve come up with one of the “first things first.” Trying to put words to what it is I think I am doing in this course.

I believe my Intention Mandala I created for 2012 is the driving force for me arriving at this learning place at this time in my life. The visual, I may have shared before, is our planet Earth, surrounded by black space, with a burning fire  exploding in the center. My intention is to better understand how “all that is, is ONE.

Four of the conditions I commit to living so as to manifest my desires listed on the circumference of my mandala are: I will do my work, I will practice the Presence, I will be faithful to the quiet, and I will love my neighbor.

While the breadth and scope of this course are mighty expansive and challenging just to keep up with, I early-on notice that all of those four commitments are wrapped into this work.  I am in awe of the connections I am making and even the loose threads which may just dangle a bit before I tie them into the pattern as a whole.

So another first thing Barbara insists is fundamental for us students is to tie our own story into the BIG story of creation — Indeed, she says we ARE part of the big story of creation — we are not separate from it.

So who doesn’t like to write stories, if not Napkinwriter. In the story of creation, Marx Hubbard created a 30 minute video outlining our beginnings from fourteen and one-half billion years ago, the firey outer big bang, and the creation of our four billion year old Earth, and the benchmarks of life appearing on this planet.

Along with that comes the historical presence of humankind, who still today, bear traces of the original atoms and molecules  of original creation. We are made of the very same awesome power as the star, from a source and power of all that is.

I feel like the image of the fetus baby in the Universe. I feel like continuing to learn about Conscious Evolution in this medium will or already has produced an internal big bang in me.

For Marx Hubbard has the company of many experts in the fields of science, spirituality and social leadership who contend that, at this time of life on planet Earth, the speed of technological creativity and production and the easy access and rapid rate of cultural exchanges and familiarity are actually and realistically also speeding up the evolution of mankind — only the physical aspect of evolution lags behind the pace of activity in the world today.

The Mind has evolved to where it can conceive of a world that works for all. A world where wars are not caused by boundaries, greed, and “I-ism” (I made that word up). A world where people practice heart-resonance, as demonstrated a successful tool for open communication and positive problem-solving action by Heart-Math Institute.

One of the first things I’ve noticed in myself as I get into this course is that I had to become comfortable with the word, evolution. And then I had to enlarge my own self-concept to put the two words together — conscious evolution — to consider that I actually could have something to do with evolution.

And I’ve discovered I do. Conscious Evolution is a choice to be made. I can live in this choice or I can turn my back on it. My intention mandala, I found,  already pointed me toward choosing this.

Conscious Evolution to me is awareness — being awake in the world, physically, emotionally, and spiritually and wisely.

It is about a growing sense of oneness, which I may not fully understand, but which I increasingly accept in my life as Truth. Conscious Evolution is being centered in and knowing the Universal and unending power of love — in myself and in the world.

Conscious Evolution necessitates knowing the connectedness of all and a basic knowledge of where I come from in the history of the world’s evolution. Conscious Evolution is a resonance in the heart with self, Spirit and others. Compassion of self and others molds the direction of my own Conscious Evolution.

This is my beginning thread I’ve pulled from the ball of yarn. I can’t wait to see the garment that will be made from continuing to pull on this thread.

The daily shift from “my backyard view” to what I am learning and thinking about in my “new world view” will definitely make it, like Joseph’s,  a coat of many colors.

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