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 “There’s far too much to take in here
More to find than can ever be found…..”

The Circle of Love from the Lion King. One of my all-time favorite songs. One of the easiest meditations ever offered to me. Tom and I are going to see one of my favorite movies this afternoon, The Lion King in 3-D.

We must be in our second phase of grandparenting because we are not taking soon-to-be-four granddaughter Amy with us. Her mom and I determined there are scarey concepts for her young mind to take in and she’ll have to wait. Her dad thinks she would be fine.

Funny, but with Devon and Andrew, now ages 16 and 12, we couldn’t wait to take them to these Disney films, to sit in the theater, munch on popcorn, and watch the movie together. Guess it was more about us and the grandparenting experience than them? But we had fun and they did ok. I remember Kathleen protecting Andrew’s eyes from some scenes of animated violence.

Last night we got to enjoy an evening with Amy. We watched her in swim class and the previous weeks we had just gotten the nicest invite from her as she came out of the pool, “Would you like to come over to my house for awhile tonight?” So we arranged with mom to be able to say yes when she asked us this week and so we went over to their house and had pizza together.

Afterwards, Amy “hoop-a-looped” for us and when I asked her if she knew any new songs, she performed two and took deep bows after them. I said I had a song for her too, and tried to do my new little “Happy Cell” song, when I lost the simple rhymn pattern, and she says, “Now Grandma, just close your eyes and practice a little and it will come to you.”

Amy arrived in our lives as all life does — as pure gift — but in her case after a series of crushing, heart-breaking miscarriages suffered. When I see Amy and her parents playing together all I see is this pure gift that arrived after such deep doubt and dispair.

I was invited to help in her bathtime and it is my daughter’s biggest delight I believe of the day, to rolick, tickle, laugh, touch and caress this pure gift of life given to them. Amy is in her Hakuna Matata! time of life — “ain’t no passing craze” — “got no worries for the rest of our days” “Hakuna Matata!”

When Amy was getting her pajamas on, we got talking about a “sleep-over” for Grandma and Dziadzia when mom and dad could go out on a date and the Trio of us could play together like Simba and his pals in the movie. Her mom mentioned we could do that pretty soon as their anniversary was coming up. Then Amy got all excited about telling me about mom and dad’s wedding where they said to each other, “I’ll love you forever!” I said, “I know, Amy I was there.”  A time warp her young mind cannot understand yet.

So down the stairs we went right to the picture. She pulled Dziadzia in to see it also…”Close your eyes, I will guide you,” and proudly stood before the wedding picture and said,  “open now” with awe and admiration written all over her face. Then we asked her who this was in the picture next to her mom and dad (a younger us)….she wasn’t quite convinced, studied it a bit and then pronounced, “Ohhhhh, a different grandma and dziadzia.”

I remember getting Amy ready for her Baptism day, and Carl picking her up and saying, “Amy, this is the day we are giving you to God.”  Well, we surely do and this lively little human-spirit does much to fill in many holes in our lives and it’s a wonder and privledge to know God’s love for us through her.

                  Baby Amy with 1st Granddaughter Devon

I said to her, “Oh Amy, you have the best mom and dad ever!” She said “Yes, I do.”  And even though I forgot the little rhyme, I know that Amy knows this about her mom in every little cell in her body that’s happy….and every little cell in her body that’s free. Now we can watch her work her exquisite wonders on the world she lives in.

Amy’s bathtime — “Can You Feel the Love Tonight…  it is where we are, the world’s a huge kalaidascope, can you see this far?” This is far enough.

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