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Barbara Marx Hubbard and a whole lot of other people (Humanity’s Team) think a new species is being born onto Earth. A wiser, more peaceful way of living in a world that works for all. A new species called Homo Universalis.

I studied one year with Hubbard, in which she explained the natural evolution of the cosmos to the point we are at today. That was back five years ago and the things the teachers described happening in our world in the near future, have between 2012 and 2017 certainly happened almost to a tee in the way they were forecast.

This is not a downer. It is a WAKE-er-upper. Humanity needs to be aware of things that are not working anymore and work together to create new ways of being together on this earth.

This short video does explain how she came to think this way and to continue to work for the awakening and evolution of humanity.




Again, this is a pretty accurate graphic of what the Homo Universalis “creature” will look like.


I think I am becoming this.

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I woke up this morning and had to put my sun glasses on! By that you can see I slept in past sunrise. However, in our early morning errand out, it was so bright and crisp out that I immediately searched for my sunglasses. It is still that way at almost 4 pm in the afternoon.

So it seems to me this IS a day of more LIGHT coming into our world. And I say “Welcome.”

My world this past week has been very filled with light.

Last night, we finished the third of three workshops on Birth 2012 at Unity of Kalamazoo. Each workshop was two weeks apart, and each workshop grew in attendance! Every night we had short astounding cosmic videos that gave us a glimpse of awe and grace of the very creation of our Universe. Each week, we participated in a beautiful circle meditation in our inner Sacred Chambers,

Each week we practiced heart resonance and coherence within our own bodies and sent it out to our family and friends, calling their names into the circle. Each week, we pondered the absolute and complete magnificence of our Mother Earth, symbolized by my garage-sale $10 globe with a somewhat rustic Equator line. Each week, we closed with an affirmation individually to be a “holder of light” and a “path of peace” walking upon this earth in this year and in the coming 2013.

Barbara Marx Hubbard

Birth 2012 Creator – Barbara Marx Hubbard turns 83 on 12-22-12

We look forward to our Party Celebration at Unity of Kalamazoo for Birth 2012 on Saturday, Dec. 22. This is the day Barbara Marx Hubbard has mobilized and led many “hubs” of evolutionary consciousness individuals to come together and celebrate the light, the higher choices and consciousness, the essence of goodness within each one and all. Thousands upon thousands will be celebrating and bringing forth the “birth” of Newness — letting go of the old — the only thing that is dying is what no longer serves us and the good of the world.  Rejoice!

We will have music, song, be dancing, enjoy art, and connection with many other party-goers.

Awakening to our Codes

The light is so bright just thinking about it, and it is now, not far off after months of planning. Living in light and love. What could be better for our world!

My world has also been filled with the light of family, home and musical entertainment by our daughters and grandchildren. So much to be thankful for. The ultimate prayer is that of just two words.  THANK YOU.

Cardinal Trail Flag

Being able to plant this flag in front of our very own home on Cardinal Hills Trail gives me about as much thrill as seeing the American flag put on the moon.

Cardinal Hills Christmas

Christmas House Porch

We put some greenery and sparkle up this year. I especially cherish the door wreath made by the nuns at Green Mountain Monastery in Vermont. We may add a little more dazzle next year.

Andrew and Devon musicians

Marshall Music School Private Students, Devon and Andrew Warriner
in concert

Kathleen - music teacher

Marshall Community School Instructor, Kathleen Warriner

and we will be attending Kathleen’s Tekonsha school choir and band concert tonight.

Amy Montessori Concert

Amy Mitchell with her Montessori School classmates prior to performance.


Andrew at our family table at Marshall’s famed Schuler’s Restaurant

Schulers family

A delicious meal served as we enjoyed Devon in the Marshall Singers Christmas Choir

Amy and Devon

Cousin love and admiration!

Devon and Tyler

Devon and Tyler

Sue - Black Formal & Drape

It was my dress up night!

John McQuiston II notes in his pocket-sized book, Always We Begin Again,  that there is increased recognition in medical science that the human mind contributes to, and in some sense creates, the universe in which it lives. He contends that the Rule of St. Benedict teaches that if we are intentional and careful in how we spend the hours of each irreplaceable day and live in a balanced and thankful way, we will create from our experiences the best possible life.

So, always we begin again — a new era of cosmic existence!


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Oh Great Mystery
Sun, Moon, Earth, Sky and Sea
You are within me
and all around me.

As seen from the Earth, a solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between the Sun and Earth, and the Moon fully or partially blocks the Sun. This can happen only at new moon, when the Sun and the Moon are in conjunction as seen from Earth. In a total eclipse, the disk of the Sun is fully obscured by the Moon. In partial and annular eclipses only part of the Sun is obscured. If the Moon were in a circular orbit close enough to the Earth and in the same orbital plane, there would be total solar eclipses every single month.

A total  solar eclipse  will take place on 13–14 November 2012 (UTC), beginning in local time on November 14 west of the  International Date Line over northern Australia, and ending on November 13 east of the date line off the western South American coast.

Tom and I are preparing to renew our travel passports in hopes of new travels opening up to us in the next ten years. Australia is one of the “wanna go” places. It’s on my intention list, which replaces my bucket list.

When I studied SpringForest QiGong with Master Chunyi Linn, he gave us a very beautiful meditative and healing verse to repeat:

“I am in the Universe.
The Universe is in my body.
The Universe and I combine together.”

So there are many spiritual and faith traditions and ancient learning that come from long ago that teach us to know there is union between all. I and the Universe are One. In God, there is only One. In God, I live and move and have my being. The Universe lives, moves and breathes as ONE.

I just recently caught up with the fact that there is a solar eclipse today on November 13. I was looking forward to this date for another reason.

Tonight, the first of three workshops based on the writings and work of Barbara Marx Hubbard  is takine place at Unity of Kalamazoo. Sara Houseman and I are the co-facilitators of it. The purpose of tonight’s meeting is to simply acquaint others with the life and the work and the grand vision Hubbard has for Conscious Evolution.

She, too, in her pursuit of the “pulse of Evolution” has come to the conclusion that there is only One and our earthly time is spent within that One. She has studied the history of Evolution and says whenever crisis and chaos appeared in the chain of evolution, that the species has always moved forward. That has been true, she says, since the time that the first single cell needed to grow into two cells to survive. It did so, and it did it again and again changing species along the evolutionary timeline to today.

Barbara calls these current times a “chaos point.” Things are broken. There are many things systems-wide that need change. The way we communicate and lead needs changing, in order to grow past the chaos today into what she calls a “Universal Being” — a species we homo sapiens are all capable of being.

But first, we need to become more familiar with our heart. Indeed, we must learn to breathe through our heart. We hear the beat of our heart, and without our heart, there is no breath. This is the exact muscle, we need not only strengthen for fitness, but for our very life, itself.

HeartMath Institute, under the direction of Doc and Sarah Childre has studied the workings of the heart and the effect it has on ourselves and others. We are encouraged to “lead with our heart”, to become aware of heart resonance, which beats with the pulse of the Universe – with all that is.

They have a measured Science with convincing data, that our hearts produce an electro-magnetic field of about eight feet extending from the center of our being. When filled with heartfelt peace, acceptance and resonance, this field CHANGES the interaction and the space it is holding – for the good.

Long ago, we heard the story of “one little candle”  at a time being able to light up the whole world. The same is true with heart resonance. It is a practice that benefits us physically (it is more than just being calm, it is a frequency that the Oneness in which we exist recognizes and beats in harmony with us).

I will write another blog on the actual practice of Heart Coherence and how you can easily put it in practice and accomplish immediate results with it.

An old tune comes to mind. (by Dusty Springfield or Rusty?)
“Once upon a time I was falling for you
Now I’m only falling apart.
Nothing I can do
A total eclipse of the heart.”

In the movement of Birth 2012, we want to get beyond the feeling there is nothing we can do to fix the things in the world that are now falling apart. We believe we can do something, within ourselves by recognizing our soul Essence, our Oneness, and joining what Barbara calls “our genius” with another or others and  then — see what wants to be born within us in the new year as a new world.

In times of crisis and chaos, we have ALWAYS moved forward. We can move forward into the world, leading with our hearts, within the spheres of family, church, community, and even bigger stages. It all depends on what “is waiting to be born” in us.

A new moon….a solar ECLIPSE…..a TOTAL eclipse of my heart. Namaste.

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Wild Geese – Mary Oliver

“The world offers itself to your imagination, calls to you like the wild geese, harsh and exciting — over and over announcing your place in the family of things.”  Mary Oliver

This quote was offered by Katherine Saux RScP in the September Daily Guides in Science of Mind magazine. She was sitting on her deck on a crispy, cool early morning savoring her mug of hot coffee.

It was one of those times we have all experienced of enjoying the surrounding colors and quiet of the surroundings that lead to deep feelings of content and complete — even complacent.

Then suddenly, a flock of wild geese flying overhead broke into the sacred stillness. Yet they brought the sacred with them.

Katherine says she felt a complete shift inside in her whole body and soul. A shift of yearning and excitement to which she could not quite put words.

I am very alerted these days when I see the word shift in any context (and to my surprise I am seeing that word often). Since my study of Emergence and Birth 2012, a global shift is the result of what Barbara Marx Hubbard calls forth in each of us.

Now is the time to effect a conscious evolution into the future beyond 2012. Individually,  we can learn to emerge with the call in our hearts to work for what “wants to be created for our own good and the good of our planet”.

We, in numbers,  can gain in exciting  synergy and can effect a world-wide and cultural explosion of a conscious shift that affects the planet itself. Together, we can make a quantum leap toward goodness for human kind.

But we have to recognize the call. Katherine said, since she couldn’t give words immediately to the sense of shift within her, she let it go and simply allowed herself to feel the shift as it settled deeper within her being.

Now back to Katherine’s story, she later came across Mary Oliver’s words:

“The world offers itself to your imagination, calls to you like the wild geese, harsh and exciting — over and over announcing your place in the family of things.”  Mary Oliver

Immediately, she thought, “Aha! That’s it!’ The call of the wild geese pulled her out of her complacent sense of self and reminded her of something more in our world — something more connecting. It  calls us to “spread our wings”  and to hear the soul’s yearning — to fly.

To me, this means to listen, to reflect and to respond and come forth with the calling of the heart toward “what wants to be born–created within each of us. And when I respond to this call, I am a very happy person.

It is a different call at different times: loving service to family; an extended quiet time; a busy writing time; play time and joy; rest and refueling time; exercise and  time to balance my energies. prayer time; times of simple presence to another.

My specific calls at this time are to continue my writing of Napkinwriter , to be the healer I am through my Reiki practice and Qigong, and to be present and loving in my family.

A new teaching call has also arrived as I begin to find open doors to workshops I have developed over this past year. They focus on heart coherence and writing as a tool to be able to listen and hear that Divine Voice within us that is giving us the call. That Voice will use geese if it has to.

Listening to that voice will bring us to the true home within ourselves. But it will also, like the geese, give us wings to fly!

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Well, I made another post disappear. (that’s two in two weeks) Only this one is short — but exciting to me.

I just received my ACE – Agent of Conscious Evolution certification.   This is from the course I have studied through SHIFT and the course is spearheaded by Barbara Marx Hubbard.

The course material was invigorating, studying both the sciences of biology, evolution and the leading experts in the fields of leadership, spirituality and futurists,Institute of  HeartMath and many more.

But it is more than study. It is getting a grasp or at least a glimpse of the possibility that lies within us to be a presence of joy, peace, happiness and harmony in the world.  It is a call to join “our genius” with others to begin to co-create together a world that works for all.

I have made a contact with a local leader to meet and share the New News of the vision of Shift and Birth 2012 and get underway co-creating in our community. An ACE mentor has also contacted me and requested a meeting in Detroit next weekend. I look forward to the open opportunity that brings.

Thousands of people around the world are trained and involved in bringing forth their gifts as an evolutionary pulse to move forward.

There is even a grand party planned — on December 22, 2012, the day after the Mayan calendar ends.  A birth DAY for the world will take place in large cities and small villages around the globe. Our heart-centered work up until that time will lead us all into higher evolutionary realms by CHOICE, not by chance.

Let’s get our party hats on!

(I won’t try to show the PDF copy of my certificate; somehow that’s what knocked my other message off.)

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Photo: from The Shift Birth 2012

Last Saturday Tom and I went to a garage sale in the neighborhood community where we attend a Monday night Christ Circle Prayer Meeting. We didn’t go by rocket ship, but rather in our Kia.

I have been so involved in the big ideas and the practices and the work of Barbara Marx Hubbard’s Emergence and Birth 2012 course, that I wanted to break out and just do some ordinary “down to Earth” things.

I am not a garage sale person, per se, having only held a very few myself and not venturing out to many others, but this one turned out to have a rather fascinating result for me.

The items I found were in my “wanna” sphere and all related to my work or relaxation in a very inviting way. It was not difficult to choose the items I did and it seemed even with the intention of having fun with this activity, my items confirmed both my work and purpose at this time.

The first item I found was at Karen and Robert’s home, where we meet for Christ Circle. She was paring down some of the spiritual figurines she had and on her table was a sculpture I had given myself and several other family and friends one Christmas. I think my own is still packed in a box from our moving and I am renewing the altar I have in my prayer space in our home. I love this sculpture and now I don’t have to go digging around in boxes to find it. I quickly chose to buy it for 25 cents.

We went across the street and there I found some easy, entertaining summer reading in paperbacks, also priced at 25 cents apiece. I scored twice with this buy. I have been raising Amazon.com stock price by constantly buying books that go along with my study and interest. These are usually not priced as high as in the store, but the amount of them usually evens out to approximately $30 per order. I have a need to know and a need to cut-back and they get mixed up, so the purchase usually wins out.

The second great thing about this buy is that I’ve been engrossed in heavy subject material both in ideas and in personal practices of self-improvement and awareness. Now, I have some easy reads in the fictional world. And with summer right around the corner after this weekend Memorial Day holiday, I am ready to —-relax and read!

Wandering just a little further down the street, I knew immediately what I wanted at the next garage where we stopped. I went straight to the globe sitting on a back shelf. It was a $2.00 buy.  I have had a globe on my wish list and “buy later” list from Amazon.com. It was on those lists because of the money I was spending on books. The globe would have to wait. I’m thinking now of a kaleidoscope that is also on that “wait list” — but I didn’t find one of those at the garage sale.

The globe is something I want to add to my creativity room, and place near my 2012 Intention Mandala which has a picture of the Earth in space and is very related to the work I am doing in the 12 week Shift course. The Equator line is a little rusty on this globe but I purchased it anyway.

We have a lot of “rust” in our world that needs attention from compassionate and willing hearts to give birth to a world that works for all of us.

Next, we traveled down a road where another friend of ours lives, not knowing whether she would be having a sale or not. Marcia has been recovering on a rough, but optimistic, path of breast cancer recovery. There was only one sale on the street and we weren’t sure if it was her home or not. But as we approached, we heard a voice coming from the shaded garage, “What are you two trouble makers doing here?” And there she was.

We had a great visit and gave her continued prayer and blessing for continued recovery, shared some laughs and family catch-up news. Then I told her I wanted the platform rocker, which was front and center on the drive-way, waiting for Sue to come for it.

I have wanted one in my creativity room. I have one in the living room, that is my official prayer chair, and has been with us for a long while. It is usually a favorite that visitors choose instinctively to sit in and comment how wonderful it feels.  It does –for it is prayer-charged for sure.

Again, I had not purchased one for my room, for the “disposable income” found many other higher priority needs to be spent on. Here was my chair for $10. Marcia told us some of its “flaws” and offered it for free — It was a perfect buy for me at the price of $10 asked.

Barbara Marx Hubbard has lots of new language for us to get used to in the way she explains co-creation and conscious evolution, and now that we are in the seventh week of the class, during our break-out phone sessions with other students in the last portion of the weekly topic, we are finding these new terms are more natural for us to use in our discussion with each other. They were awkward and hazy at the beginning.

Barbara says we are getting more comfortable with them because DNA is in our language as well as our cells.  From our continuing experience I can see how that can be true.

One of these terms is “compass of joy”. That feeling of joy is what gives us our direction. When joy emerges up from the heart — and we are in “heart co-herence”, we are traveling our evolutionary path in the right direction. When joy dissapates or disappears, it is a good time to re-evaluate something in our lives.

The home where I bought my fun reading books also had one more item that wanted to be mine. I passed it up, walking along with my books, but I had noticed it on the way in and it just definitely did not want me to pass it by on the way out.

I got as far as the street, then pulled a quarter out of my purse and went back and got it. A perfect size to put my books in. It was a plastic carrying bag that just made me happy to look at, in its bright pinks and varied colors. I could not avoid looking at it and noticing it gave me an immediate feeling of joy.

I’m thinking my garage sale experience was just plain FUN –  ON PURPOSE!

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Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson tells us what astonishes him most about our universe: that the atoms comprising our bodies are literally made of star-dust. “So that when I look up at the night sky and I know that yes, we are part of this universe, we are in this universe, but perhaps more important than both of those facts is that the universe is in us,” he says. “There is a level of connectivity” – which is what most of us want in life: to feel connected, relevant.


I am beginning to study a 12 week on-line study with Barbara Marx Hubbard’s The Shift organization called ACE Training: Agents of Conscious Evolution  —  so all things from the individual body cells that comprise my own and others bodies to the ever-inspiring act of star-gazing in the heavens is of great interest and genuine curiosity to me at this time.

Wrapped up in all of this is a desire to BE the Change I wish to see in the world, because I know we can do better, or put more succinctly, I can CONTINUE to do better in being a compassionate, caring, learning and evolving human, and touch the loved ones, friends and strangers I meet along the way with these qualities.

Emergence ….. as Marx Hubbard calls it and my soul coaching card read.

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