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Every artist knows the importance of light and shadow in their visual compositions, paintings, photographs and drawings. The subject of shadow is an important component of SoulCollage(R) also, as originated and taught by Seena B. Frost. Discussions about it came up in the recent weekend  Facilitator Training I took with eleven other inspiring women and our leader, creat-ress, artist, photographer and author, Catherine Anderson in Charlotte North Carolina.

IMG_1797The Light shines on Catherine Anderson

“We recognize that for human life to thrive…it is best lived in a community that is supportive and compassionate…a community that is able to listen to and understand and tolerate many points of view…a community that is creative and imaginative as well as smart.”  Seena Frost

That is exactly how I experienced our facilitator and group of soon-to-be certified SoulCollage(R) facilitators. (Pardon the (R), my Alt 0147 approach as taught, has not yet worked for me.)

IMG_1791By Sunday morning, we arrived in high spirits of time well-spent together.

IMG_1794Ginger and Margaret break out in song.

From our introductory Friday evening session, embraced in Catherine’s beautiful and bountiful studio setting, we knew something great was on the horizon. We settled in.

IMG_1742Discoveries of just the perfect image waiting for us.

Our group was not entirely new to the process of making the cards, yet we reviewed the basics and important techniques. We enjoyed seeing many of the SoulCollage(R) cards brought by each woman. We learned the very, very valuable experience of being Reader, Witness, Facilitator and Recorder. Our inner artists were awakened and alert.




And all the while we were totally involved in creating, sharing, listening, meditating and appreciating, there was something going on outside in Catherine’s yard.




Light was forever playing with shadow! Everywhere you looked, there was the marvelous, breathtaking mixture of light and shadow. It was like nature knew and applauded that an artist of high order lived there.  Light and shadow gloriously embraced all that surrounded Catherine’s home.

IMG_1764An Artist’s Retreat


Each morning we arrived, Catherine had “made something”, (a personal value of hers) reminding me of the scripture that announces, “Behold, I am a new creation.” And each day of training, we were.




Our luncheons and ongoing refreshments available for “whenever” filled our cup to overflowing in nutrition and appreciation.



We were so “One with the many” that even the deer joined us for lunch, coming right up to the sun porch.



And the light continued to play with them and throughout the yard.



The light was not only bright, it was very, very hot in a humid setting and so Catherine protected us from that throughout the weekend. But the closing ceremony took place with the light shining upon our cards and upon the receipt of our SoulCollage(R) Facilitator Certificates.  Joy radiated in our hearts and travelled in light speed around the path of the labyrinth as we received recognition from the heart and hands of Catherine Anderson.




One by one, Catherine called us forward and with the handing of the certificate to each of us, SoulCollage(R) becomes 12 time richer with exponential expansion possibilities to many varied communities who will be served from these leaders.



Something important is happening here. We take the trust with us. This matters to our world.  We are keepers of the keys.


Catherine unlocks the doors with honor, humility and hope.


Seeing the future with a firm step forward on a path that promises peace.


Light is not the only energy present. Enthusiasm and purpose abound. We go forth. We leave this place. We are aware of light and shadow in our world.



But there is balance at the center.


and the light still plays with Seena.


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