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Deer:  “Is turkey being served?”
 Cat: “Pies are not done yet. Come back later.”

This photo was on the internet. It is too darn cute! And the cat looks exactly like my daughter Laura’s Pepper.  Four year old Amy would have been one excited girl if she had seen this at her home. The deer do come right up to the shrubs and I wouldn’t doubt if they have been on their deck. Pepper always has a look-out spot right there by the sliding-glass door.

Let’s get this post going!  I tried to do this post earlier in the day and I could not get a photo set-in, so I left it for a bit, tried again and then the text was garbled up. So here is my third try.

Napkinwriter has not posted her usual schedule in November but I will get back to it. I have written over 100 posts now since I started twelve months ago and this has been a very fun thing to do. It is actually a cornerstone of the other writings I do and that is a good thing.

Yesterday, on Thanksgiving Day, Napkinwriter was not writing on her napkin, but using it at the beautifully set table and Thanksgiving feast Laura and Kathleen prepared for the family. A gathering of gratefulness, high spirits, really high energy from the youngest in the crowd, and very pleased palates from the rest of us.

You don’t have to look far for your blessings in life when they surround you on a day like this. Our loved ones in good health and plentitude in life, educational growth in the soon-t0-be- college, high school, and elementary school bound in a few years. Life across the spectrum. Grandma, grandpa, (us) daughters & sons-in-law, (moms and dads to others) and grandchildren.  Blessings and talents given to each of us and in grateful return, enlarged upon by us and given to others in someway.

My present moment is overflowing with bountiful goodness. We have all of what I described above, plus a new home we are moving into which feels completely like the dwelling place we are to be in.  There have been other moments in my life which were either tainted by regret of the past, or filled with fear of the future, or just plain confusing at best. The answer to all these moments was to learn how to live in the present moment — now.

That’s what I’m doing. And I find, along with the constant gratitude that fills my being, I also am a little—stunned. As in “moved to inaction.”

Stunned by the goodness. That seems so peculiar to me. I’ve always — most always– had faith in the good, believed in the good, and experienced lots of good….but right now I am caught up in longer moments of reflection of goodness filling and surrounding me where ever I go, what ever I’m doing.

I haven’t had writer’s block, but I haven’t been able to post this blog, not only because my daily patterns are somewhat upended by the “moving thing” again…..and I have lots of things I want to write about…but I am just a little “stopped in my tracks”.  And I never come to the computer to do a Napkinwriter until I hear it begin its lead in my head. As soon as I finish this, I will be boxing up another part of the house to move.

Last year, I had trouble separating from the townhome we were in, and especially my writing space, to move here and I wrote a few blogs on that. This move is a very joyful move and while I had to take some time and do some “inside work” to accept and adjust to this townhome, I did it and have come to love the time,  the journal writing, the computer communications and prayer I’ve done in my creative room here. I will put a special blessing on it before I leave it for good.

Goodness in the present moment helps me draw nearer to my Faith going forward. God’s Presence, always and everywhere, is not forced upon us. The Faith I live today requires a daily response on my part,  and just what is that response? Gratitude is a great door-opener and the Thanksgiving season starts us off with that.

But this Faith, like a gift, cannot be squandered nor hidden. It needs to be shared and experienced openly in kind and loving relationship with others, starting in family and building out to others. It includes my relationship with God, which I keep alive in prayer practice and actions.

Christmas is my Faith tradition to prepare for and celebrate — beginning with innocent, open, unconditional, and childlike trust in God — the Creator and Giver of all life.

As the New Year comes toward us, and my birthday the day after, I get the 1-2 opportunity to remember to have child-like trust in the power of love as God — right here and right now.

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