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Title from the song by Jim Croce ….. Guest Post from Alan Cohen, A Course in Miracles Made Easy

Note from Napkinwriter: (I am asking myself these questions, the answers are appearing.)

“What would you do if you had more time? What would you do if you had less time? What would you do if you had no time? How would your life be different if time were not a factor?

Time, invisible yet apparently rock solid, exerts silent dominion over our lives.

The purpose of time is to enable you to learn how to use time constructively.

What is the purpose of our day?

Is it to savor connection, express creativity and celebrate blessings?

If you were to leave this world now, would you be satisfied with how you have spent your time?

If not, what would make your remaining time here more meaningful?

Likewise, at the end of each day, conduct an honest introspection about what you did with your time today.

What would you do differently tomorrow to make your precious time count?

“We ask for long life, but ‘tis deep life, or grand moments, that signify. Let the measure of time be spiritual, not mechanical.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

To the ego, time is a relentless taskmaster. To the Spirit, time is our friend, calling us to receive the gift every moment offers.


*A heavenly moment, even while you walk the earth, is a portal to eternity. Each day seek and find as many portals to eternity as you can. Any moment in which you feel peace or joy is a portal to eternity, because the hallmark of eternity is well-being.   Go to the place in consciousness where the success you seek is already accomplished, (BFTTQ) and you will HASTEN its demonstration in time.

All the good you seek is ALREADY HERE. It’s not about time.  It’s about TIMLESSNESS.”




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Are you upset about the Mayan calendar ending the world before the end of December this year?

Ilchi Lee, a Korean native who specializes in brain education, healthy living and world peace activism,  has a view of 2012 you might have an interest in. He says that the year of 2012 is the Miracle the World is waiting for and by simply making a choice to be a part of it, you, too, are the miracle long awaited.

In Ilchi Lee’s new e-book, The Miracle the World Is Waiting For, he reminds us that our lives are composed of our choices. He writes, “I’ve made the choice to make 2012 the most hopeful year in the history of humanity … instead of wondering what will happen in the year 2012, or feeling anxious about it, wouldn’t it be more productive for us to plan together the kind of year we want 2012 to be, and then create it?”

That choice begins on January 1, 2012, when the energy of the world will shift and it will be easier for everyone to experience awakening connection, and oneness like never before. At the link below, you can find out what you can do to make 2012 a time of peace and happiness.

The year of 2012 presents a unique opening for the blossoming of human consciousness; a time for cultural integration and the reconciling of differences. Beginning January 1, 2012, the energy of the world will shift, and it will be easier for everyone to experience awakening, connection, and oneness like never before.

You can access this new energy by taking some time to reconnect with yourself. Breathe deeply and tap into your heart. Listen to what it’s saying to you. You can dance like no one is watching, intent on the feeling in your chest. You can even use your voice to call out your pure essence. Or you can simply breathe, and let your breath guide you back to yourself.

This is a new beginning; your experience doesn’t have to end here. Let it become a part of your life and spread your light for the benefit of others. There is an honest and compassionate spirit inside each of us. For the sake of the Earth, humanity must bring about a new spiritual culture in 2012.

There is no better time than now. He asks us to please spread this message far and wide.

I am amazed this international peacemaker gives us three simple tasks to accomplish that he maintains are the three keys to a new Earth.

And when you look at them, you can’t really argue difficulty…..unless…………….the difficulty lies in RESISTANCE to what is good for ourselves and for others.

So here they are again.  I find I’ve actually begun fitting them into my lifestyle quite comfortably. Only now, I am a little more uplifted that my actions:

#1  actually help others in consciousness and healing and

#2  help me not to get carried away with the mystery and doomsayers
surrounding the Mayan calendar event.


A Way of Breathing  —

Breathe consciously and feel more alive.

Conscious breathing makes our thoughts clearer, our actions powerful, and our lives enriched. The renewed consciousness we gain through conscious breathing guides us to realize the greatness within.

A Way of Meditating  —

Meditate and make better choices.

Meditation is our complete focus on the present moment. Meditation helps us understand the results of our personal and collective choices and make better decisions.

 A Way of Living  —

Live the best of the human spirit.

What does your conscience tell you? Widen your perspective. Make decisions and take actions that benefit you, your family, your community, and the earth.


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I’ve had a hard time being single-minded this morning, being focused.  Truck day is a short day and one-half now away from our door. I am still carting much of my work materials from my room over to our new home, so I can “pick up from where I left off” without much of a delay, and I still have a heavy four drawer file to unload so the guys can carry the file out.

The computer age did not minimize paperwork for me. Why is that? Am I a compulsive hard-copy die-hard who won’t give in? I usually know how to catagorize hard copies in files or binders (and I have many) but I’m not so sure I can find what I want in my computer saved files. I think I will work on that next year.

Meanwhile, brain-wave and bodily cellular stimulation arrives in books mentioned by email I get from friends, and I have to explore, and get lost in “the next thing I want to know”.

I am in the midst of planning a January party for Tom’s 70th birthday, with invites yet to print out; I have scheduled a January Wondrous Women gathering and another workshop just confirmed for January where I will begin to build on my work. And messages concerning both of those are running along the neural pathways of my brain, chattering all the while they do. More paperwork!

At this moment, Tom is wrangling with our Network provider, by telephone, car trip downtown and back and now again on telephone, trying to get our service cancelled here to begin new at our home. And they gave him a choice — as in — Now, or comeback tomorrow to end it tomorrow, two trips! So this may bleep into cyberspace at any moment.

The CHOICE now is to quickly get my post on Choices on my Napkinwriter — then return to boxing and packing. Let’s see if I can stick with it!

NOTES taken in my 1994 Skidmore Writer’s Conference Notebook.

The class I was in was Dr. Benjy Brooks, a pediatric surgeon, and world emissary of good among the world’s children. She was talking about choices that day. Here are my notes:

“We are what we repeatedly do.”

“Excellence is not an Act but a Habit.” Aristotle

The Power of a Choice, using Victor Frankle’s example from Nazi-war-torn Europe and Auchwitz prison camp: “It is not what they do to you. It is what I think about what they do to me.”

Patterns of Success Choices.

1)  Choices that build me up. Take absolute responsibility for self. Life is a series of opportunities.

2)   Choices that pull me down. Complain. The risk I’m thinking about taking is not an opportunity. 
       …I create the rain that falls on self.
       …I partake in negative self-talk.
       …I am always “too something”, old, fat, young, dumb

3)   Break Even Choices 
       ….I don’t even recognize I have a choice.
       ….I never make a choice
        ….I utilize little of my potential

Steps to take:

A.    Ask “What type am I? ” Do I know what pattern I am?

B.    Ask  “Is the present pattern working for me?”

C.    Look at the pattern of people around me who make choices.

D.    Ask “How can I improve my choices or pattern of how I make my choices?”

Followup by these suggestions: (you have a choice to do these or not!)

Listen within.  Clarify my choices. Act on my choice. Don’t give into, “I’ll wait until…” Learn to recognize the old programs, the old programs that once worked for you but you know they do not work anymore. Stop majoring in minor things.”

Make a Choice.
Set a Goal.
Create an atmosphere around you that supports you.
Reward yourself!

Try those four choices pertaining to something  (one thing) about the Christmas and holy day season for 21 days, the time it takes to form a habit.  See what happens and enjoy the reward you CHOOSE.

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