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Endless Genesis


Across and Around Time
Poetry and SoulCollage®
by Susan Heffron Hajec


Across and around time
our hearts have beat as one.
Our yearnings bringing forth
ever-new humanity.

Across and around time
we have sought our dwelling place
and found it in the security of love.

Across and around time
we have been family
seeking the best within each of us
to provide a way bright with light
for those who are to follow.

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Mary of the Cosmos  is an original Icon written by Sr. Bernadette Bostwick based on the ancient image of “Our Lady of the Sign.”  

This image of Mary of the Cosmos celebrates the beauty of our embodiment and the sacredness and holiness of all matter in the cosmos. 

In this Icon, the universe is flowing through Mary, (mother, matter, mater) whose body is made of the star stuff of the cosmos.

  In her Iconoclastic form with Earth at her center, the planet becomes the birthing bed of Jesus.

The Mother of love and compassion looks out to us with outstretched arms inviting us to become life bearers for the planet.

In 1999, along with Sr. Gail and Father Thomas Berry, a Passionist priest, Sr. Bernadette, embarked on the co-founding of Green Mt Monastery, in Greensboro Vermont. Fr. Thomas was a leading cultural historian, sage, and spiritual Master.

Thomas evolved from his academic beginning as a cultural historian to become a historian of Earth. He saw himself not as a theologian but as a “geologian.”  For more than 40 years, Thomas worked at developing a comprehensive vision of a viable future for the Earth Community.

He was president of the American Teilhard Association for ten years in the 1970′s and was indebted to the thought of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin for helping shape his own understanding of the universe story.

Thomas Berry was foundational in guiding and co-founding Green Mountain Monastery. “There is need of a profound re-assessment of our religious situation, our Christian Tradition, our human mode of presence to Earth and all living beings-” he wrote in one of his many writings. He chose Green Mountain Monastery as his final resting place. He died in June 2009.

His spirituality and work on the community of Earth is carried on in the works of Sisters Gail and Bernadette through their prayers, art, care of their monastery lands and their studies and work of their hands and their hearts on the planetary level for the benefit of humankind.

 “Art has always been my passion,” says Sr. Bernadette.  “And after graduation, I had the privledge of working at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. My time at the MET was a wonderful opportunity to be steeped in the world of the great artists of history and cultivate my own artistic skills which I have used in several businesses of my own including a full service advertising agency, and a house painting business specializing in historical restoration.”

They credit Thomas with a sweeping vision of history and helped us situate ourselves within the comprehensive context of an unfolding universe.

Stating that her life is like a multifaceted fine gem, Bernadette says she is presently passionate about breaking open ancient images of the Christian Tradition through Iconography; Mary of the Cosmos is one such image that has been published in several volumes.

She is dedicated to the unfolding of Green Mountain Monastery and the deepening of Christ consciousness within herself and with others.

From my own miniscule view of things, I see Advent is here on our Church calendar and along with the general theme of …….mankind waiting……waiting…..waiting……. this season always brings multiple invitations to query into the mystery of Mary.

 Just on the small human plane, that is an enormous spiritual adventure. Now just think of it as a cosmic spiritual exercise and four short weeks before Christmas arrives is hardly enough timeto catch a glimpse of that mystery! 

Cards and Images of Mary of the Cosmos are available at their website.   http://www.greenmountainmonastery.org/mary-of-the-cosmos/

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