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Stepping Stones
                Susan Heffron Hajec

By the water’s edge, she sheds her shoes
and steps toward the stone path
winding just off shore.

With no turning back I mind, she releases
the safety of ground beneath her feet
and any doubt that holds her back.

Moving forward is what she intends.
Turning the old version of herself into
the new vision of dreams, ripe and ready
through the soil of her new springtime.

Just as the seedling engages with the soil,
sunshine and rain spins its path
to the light of day.

She mixes risk with courage to bring her plant
to bloom in a world hungry for the sweetness
of flowers and green promise of hope.

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Be the Change

In the times of severe testing, what can one depend upon? Perhaps, it is inner listening. Today, I found the following writing on a Sunday, August 5th memo in a journal from 2001. And it holds true for me today, nearly 15 years later.

We have an invitation to live and love life with honest courage and commitment — we have the choice. Here is something from my inner listening that seems precious to me:

The many ways I experience God in history and in my life at present all amount to safe passage through physical, emotional, economic and troubled relationships — safe passage through to the other side.

A guiding hand when  I knew not the way.
A light when darkness made me falter.
A gentle expression that repaired a hurting heart.
An attention-getting message that helped me change my course.
A burst of courage that overtook the rising fear within.
A spectacular sunset that melted my being into one with nature.
(Last night in 2016, the strawberry full moon, not to be seen again in my lifetime.)

A running, jumping leap of welcome from my two year old grandson.
A wave of giggles and cuddles from my granddaughter, his older sister.
A passage of Scripture alive as living Word in my life.
A soft pillow upon which to lay my head at day’s end.

God’s love and Presence is with me in all of these ways.


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2014 Courage & Passion

I Am One on fire with courage and sacred purpose. I Am One who explodes in excitement and passion. I Am One who companions you through the history of time. I Am One who is your butterfly of co-creation and transformation. I bring you through difficult passages safely and wisely.

I Am the Determined One. I Am One who sees and brings forth goodness.

I want you to know that the wonder of you exceeds the number of all the sands of the earth and your beauty compares with the gemstones of all eternity.

I want you to remember your strength within is founded in the rock-solid minerals of the earth created through the fiery explosion and union of Spirit and humankind.

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