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From early in my Napkinwriter blogging. I still look to that eternal spring of living water within me as Christine Whitelaw points out in her comment.  Select the underlined Napkinwriter link  or the view original  link  to see the full blog and poem  and comments.


This morning’s gospel reading was the story of Jesus meeting the Samaritan woman at the well. Our parish priest loves this story and spends time on many of the insights into Jesus and what he tells us about himself and about ourselves in this story.

The largest image of the story is this wonderful eternal spring of fresh water within each of us that we can return to time after time in the quiet of our heart and soul and be refreshed with grace, energy, wisdom, consolation, and any need we may have at the time.

The woman feels such a release from this encounter at the well that she tells Jesus to stay there and she runs off to get her friends to listen to him for the next two days. They came because she wanted them to, but they stayed because they wanted to.

I have had the grace to have people in my…

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Australian bird of the sea
Photography by Christine Whitelaw (c)

From the words of Sue, Napkinwriter:

It has been three days now since I’ve learned of Christine’s passing. I am alone in grief. The tears of my heart have now reached the windows of my eyes and I let them flow. I, too, as Christine instructed Stuart, will not blubber. I walk in the consciousness that an enormously large “footprint” of light on earth has passed beyond time and space. I know in my heartspace that Christine’s light remains and I will immerse myself in it in the days to come. Her grace-giving smile is ever ready to bring into my view.

This is my beautiful friend, Christine Whitelaw. Everyone is graced to know her, if only through her photographic images — the ones OF her and the ones she lived her life taking and posting on


Her son, Toby, created a most gracious collage of points of light in her life that can be viewed on her website under Christine’s Service.

My dreams of you, Christine, continue.

Christine and StuartChristine Whitelaw Photography (c)


From the words of Stuart, husband, lover, companion on the journey…at Christine’s service:

“The morning before the service, I walked with Mitchell and Casey on the beach. As we reached the northern end, we saw a white faced heron fly from shag rock across the water straight towards us. It landed very close and did not take off as we walked back. As we reached the southern end on the way home, the white breasted sea eagle flew over us, really low.

And the legacy is called love.

That is what she gave, and that is what she has left us all.

The chance to be in the bubble of love that enveloped the two of us in our last 24 hours together. Christine is an intensely spiritual being, but her beliefs didn’t fit into any tidy box. She visited cathedrals but was disillusioned with organized religion.

She believed (along with many physicists) that everything is vibration. She made vibrational essences at special places and usually gave them away.

She is beautiful, gentle and wise — a poet, a yogi, an intuitive healer, a Doctor of Philosophy, a writer and a wonderful photographer of wildlife and the natural world. Her gentle voice was healing by itself. ‘

We walked on the beach before breakfast last Tuesday and experienced dadirri together. And we talked about how lucky we are to be in this place with this amazing community.

We went to the farmers market in the afternoon and she was greeted and hugged by so many people.

We talked about how lucky we are to have three wonderful sons and daughters in law, and four grandkids who will one day save the world.

They have all been my rocks for the past week, but I have to especially thank Toby who beat the second ambulance to our place and helped with the terror of that morning only a week ago.

Last Tuesday, I said to Christine, ‘I hope you are having the life you want because I am. I am where I want to be and with the person I want to be with.’

She said, ‘me too’.

We didn’t always say those things. We could have just as easily been squabbling over some silly thing — usually about me cooking too much food.

We had 45 extraordinary and beautiful years together. Who can be sad at that?

One of the people who had been outside during the service (we could only fit 200 inside) told me that the whole time that the service was in progress, that the sea eagle had hovered far overhead.

When I arrived home from the wake, a neighbor rushed up to me and said,

‘did you see it, did you see it?’

When the cars left the chapel, the sea eagle swooped down and led us out, and up the road’.”


Photos are property of Christine Whitelaw (c)




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 Christine - Daddirri Dreaming
Dadirridreaming  —  Christine Whitelaw (c)


Today is truly Wordless Wednesday for me, having just learned of my dear friend and companion blogger’s sudden passing. My container of quiet does not hold silence; my actions lose focus….I am just all about this loss.

Christine Whitelaw and I met through my Napkinwriter blog nearly three years ago. She was one of the few who commented on my writings. Then she began blogging herself which grew into a wondrous photographic blog. Through her writings came her light, compassion, and “stretching” into the wonder of life itself.

That’s what she said.   We ARE it, whatever IT is!

Through her photography, we shared nature’s embrace and brilliance as gift to us. She opened my eyes to always include my horizon, always respect my environment and always LISTEN to its teachings. I thank her for that.

Light….in her words…..and shining in her photography.

I wanted to go to Australia, but I wanted to visit Christine when I did. I wanted to walk on the beach with her, each with our cameras, each with our sharings about life with eyes wide open.  I wanted to go to Australia and attend one of Christine’s Yoga Nidra classes. I wanted the grace to participate in one of her annual Women’s Weekends.

We daydreamed about that…..Dadirridreaming and I….we did. We looked forward to that happening.

Christine’s camera lens was busy over the last few months on both adventure travels and a historical, classical travel time through Italy, France, and Spain with her beloved Stuart, husband, lover and friend of over forty years. . These images leave work behind to be continued containing her connecting spirit to us all.

She has passed and yet her work here is not even complete.  I have reblogged one of my favorites (of many) blogs of Dadirridreaming. (Australian Experience)   ALL PHOTOGRAPHS ARE HERS AND COPYRIGHTED, and she gave me permission to share in my original 2013 post.

I am at one with the sea in these images. I feel the waves and sand. I smell the salt air, I touch the water lapping around my feet and ankles, and I hear the most favorite sound of the earth……the rolling and crashing of the waves of the sea.

Stuart reported that at Christine’s service a sea bird hovered over the chapel during the entire ceremony, and when her hand-painted by Stuart’s casket was carried outside, it made one long low swoop over the receding funeral attendants and Christine.

Yes,  wordless, but I make marks on this post. I love you Christine.


Australian sand

all photos by Christine Whitelaw

A beautiful shared experience of Australia and yourself by Christine Whitelaw.



birds, nature, spirit

Clouds, Sea, Meditation


This evening I read post by Annie about peace descending on her when she spent a week in a place by the sea. Our inherent nature is peace, just as it is love, compassion, beauty, generosity, joy and wisdom. Nature shows us all this, if we can take the time to be present, to open our senses and begin to perceive who we really are.


I will be teaching a meditation class with new people next week, so I am thinking about how to explain something so simple yet so profound. Sitting with nature, sharing love, or meditating are excellent ways to discover that we do not end at the visual boundary of…

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Australian sand

all photos by Christine Whitelaw  (c)

A beautiful shared experience of Australia and yourself by Christine Whitelaw.

Clouds, Sea, Meditation


This evening I read post by Annie about peace descending on her when she spent a week in a place by the sea. Our inherent nature is peace, just as it is love, compassion, beauty, generosity, joy and wisdom. Nature shows us all this, if we can take the time to be present, to open our senses and begin to perceive who we really are.


I will be teaching a meditation class with new people next week, so I am thinking about how to explain something so simple yet so profound. Sitting with nature, sharing love, or meditating are excellent ways to discover that we do not end at the visual boundary of our skin.  When we pay attention we discover awareness radiates out endlessly beyond and into the body in every direction; this is a hint about our real nature, we are life, we are It, whatever It is. The mind tries to jump in with its own importance, questions and rationalisations, but if you reassure it that all is well you can slip back into simply being One. So much more peaceful than being two, you and It.


When practising yoga nidra (a powerful tantric form of meditation) we spend time sensing each of the koshas or ‘bodies’, staying as alert and present as we can, even though we are lying down. Buddha said to start with the senses, being mindful of everything that enters our sense doors, so we do. Attention is carefully guided around the body, then into the energy body by following the breath.  Concentration is developed through counting the breaths for while, and when the pranic body is fully awakened we move on with our senses to the emotional body of feelings. Now we notice what is present, or focus our attention on a feelings such as heaviness/ lightness, or happiness/sadness, creating opportunities for healing and harmony to do their work. Similarly yoga nidra takes us to the mind; thoughts and beliefs are all examined as part of this simple but profound meditation. Through all this we learn to ‘pan out’ so that as well as being aware of all we are doing in our mediation we notice that we are awareness itself. Not separate. Joy tingles through every cell of the body, everything smiles, inside and out … mmm yoga nidra is delicious!


Thanks for being patient while I tried out a few thoughts. Usually I have only taught yoga nidra to my yoga students, where most of us already have some common understanding. Of course my first class will be mostly practical, and I have worked out some basics that must be covered. I will let you know how it goes; we are hoping it will turn into a monthly meditation in town after we return from our trip to the Kimberley.


If you are interested to learn more about the simple practice and transformative power of yoga nidra I can recommend recordings by Richard Miller and Kelly Boys titled iRest at Ease. As part of my work I will be recording each session and making it available to students for their home practice … a new skill I am working on!

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photo by Christine Whitelaw

Yesterday and today, every little cell in my body was happy! Watching from the inside of my home, the earth was being dug up, moved around, shaped and readied for the sprinkler system (eco-aware with rain sensor for water savings) and I felt a definite new energy springing up around me — and it felt great!

Today, I walked to the far back of our yard where a tall, ancient and majestic tree stands — giving out some signs of distress. One was removed next to it on another property because they had gotten too big and crowded each other.

I have given my love to this tree since we moved in here and today we had a little conversation. I’m not sure I heard what the tree said back to me, but it was grateful for my presence. I assured the tree that we would have the tree doctor out if she didn’t appear to show healthy signs in the near future and would support her in all the time she needs to grow strong and give us her wisdom.

She is going to cast her wide leafy limbs and blow a breeze down upon our labyrinth which will be created by next year and provide shade for written reflections where we will sit on a bench near her strong trunk with wild flowers cast around her.  The patterns in her old, tangling bark will give insight onto our journal pages and we will give companionship and listening hearts to her.

So today, I have copied a beautiful post by Christine Whitelaw of Australia, photographer and writer.  One day, I am going to take you on a walk with Christine and her camera and treat you to her wonders of the day. They are amazing and I have asked Christine to consider making us a coffee-table book of her exquisite photography and “soul to the land.” Here, she shares with us a resource from Planet Waves and the photography is hers.

Her website is:  http://dadirridreaming.wordpress.com/2012/05/07/celebrate-trees/

Celebrate Trees – Christine Whitelaw

Posted on May 7, 2012

Sharing with you an excerpt from an excellent post on Trees at Planet Waves. Talking about Beltane and other Tree celebrations:

“It’s a celebration of the new green, the growth of life, of life on Earth and Mother Earth, the Creatrix. The tree is a universal symbol of life, from Buddha being born, receiving enlightenment and dying under the tree, and on and on.”

catching light

The tree is celebrated as an entity that reaches deep into the ground and at the same time reaches to the heavens. It is a bridge between Heaven and Earth, with its growth nourished both by the light of a star (the Sun) and the solid mass of the planet where it has its roots.

In Pagan times, this was celebrated many ways, including with the May Pole dance. The pole is of course made from the trunk of a tree that is draped in garlands, to which are attached long ribbons. The dance involves everyone holding one of the ribbons and then weaving the web of life, circling the pole in an obvious celebration of the phallus. But there’s a lot more going on as well.

The Catholics adopted the May Pole celebration into Holy Cross Day, celebrated May 3, a Catholic version where they turn the tree into a cross (the Catholics have versions of all the Pagan holidays), which is a bigger deal in South America. “Throughout Latin America, they celebrate it as Cruzelacu, in midspring, which is a nature appreciation holiday. A cross is decorated as the May Pole would be, with ribbons and flowers, and sometimes flags, jewelry and dresses,” said Henes.

In the 1640s, there was an act of the British Parliament banning the May Pole. The law assailed the “heathenish, vanity, generally abused to superstition and wickedness” of the dance. The Restoration brought back May Poles, and there was a huge one erected in The Strand in 1661, which required the strength of 12 soldiers under the personal supervision of King James II. This was a 134-foot cedar pole. Then in 1717, it was moved to Wanstead Park in Essex, where it became part of the support of Sir Isaac Newton’s telescope.

In contemporary Brazil, May Day is celebrated by designating a particularly powerful tree and decorating it with white flags.”It was still serving the original symbolism of the tree, which is rooted in the ground and reaching into the heavens,” said Henes.

The Liberty tree is a common symbol for several North American tribes. In the late 1800s a movement began to unite the tribes and present a common front to expel the white man. They created a ritual called the Ghost Dance where they circled around what they called the World Tree.

There’s also a Jewish holiday called Tu B’Shvat, which celebrates the birthday of the trees. In contemporary times, funds are raised and trees are purchased and planted. It’s a national tree-planting holiday in Israel, which has a national obsession with re-planting the desert.

On the other side of the world, there is a Chinese festival called Ching Ming, or the Bright and Clear Festival, where graves are cleaned and trees are planted near the resting places of the ancestors.

Finally, there’s a worldwide holiday that you hardly hear about any more called Arbor Day. On the first Arbor Day, held in Nebraska on April 10, 1872, an estimated one million trees were planted.

old Red Gum (Eucalyptus tereticornis) in the Bingie wetlands

Tree benefits: That’s a good thing — trees do nothing but support life on Earth. They are integral to the biosphere. Without them, life on Earth would not only collapse — we would all be a lot dumber than we already are. Researching the biological themes, I spent some time on the North Carolina State University website yesterday and this is some of what I learned.

One large tree can provide a supply of oxygen for two people. At the same time, a tree can absorb as much as 48 pounds of carbon dioxide per year, and can sequester one ton of carbon dioxide by the time it reaches 40 years old.

Forests supply over 50% of freshwater flow in the lower 48 states. According to USDA Forest Service estimates, some 180 million people – more than half of the United States’ population — depend on forests for their drinking water.

In addition to providing oxygen and water, trees keep the air breathable. Over one year, an acre of forest can consume the amount of carbon dioxide created by driving a car 26,000 miles, about twice the annual mileage for an average driver. An acre is pretty large. It’s a good thing that in the U.S., forests cover 749 million acres. That’s nearly 33% of the nation’s land. When the United States was first settled, they covered 46% of the nation’s total land area.

sturdy habitat

We would be in a symbiotic relationship with trees, were we not chopping them down so fast. Symbiotic means both parties to the equation benefit from the relationship — and trees do benefit from our presence and offer themselves to us for many purposes. At the moment, we seem to be getting most of the benefits of trees, but we also seem to be missing a larger point.

Talking Trees: There’s a dimension to trees that some people have encountered and others have devoted their lives to. One such person is Elisa Novick, who you may have already encountered in a recent edition of Planet Waves FM. Elisa reminds me of an other-worldly cosmic entity that I might have met in a science fiction novel, except that she’s a real person working as a healer on the planet. Here is how she tells the story of her first meeting with a tree in a forest in upstate New York, not far from where I live. 

“Walking down a mossy forest path, I was met by a powerful wave of love emanating from a magnificent oak. So began a fascinating multidimensional odyssey spanning 10 years, as a small patch of forest became my happiest place in the universe and a place for healing and awakening for many,” Elisa wrote in an email to me yesterday.

“Each tree has a unique personality and gifts to bestow. Trees hold keys for the survival and thriving of the Earth. They created the conditions for us to live on this planet and can do so again if we ally with them.

“Learn to receive their healing love and converse with them and support them in their mission. Let’s not assume that if our ears can’t hear, that there is nothing spoken. Attunement is the next language of communication — with people, plants, animals, and the cosmos.

“My hope is that if more people understand that trees can be sentient and have healing and spiritual abilities beyond anything we have imagined, we will nourish those that are still alive and replant our bountiful forests. Not only the other half of our lungs, they may be the other half of our hearts.”

Elisa has the ability to communicate with entities that don’t use what we consider the normal senses. Here is what an oak tree in that forest said to her:

“In another world we were lovers, you and I, in dimensions too difficult to describe, but all things come around and we are brought together for a reason when it is correct and useful. Now this planet is dissolving in pollution and all are suffering to some extent. But there is always renewal available. You have renewed our context here on this planet by your thoughts and good wishes and we wish to stay now; though we have scouts foraging for another wilderness to ‘set up shop’.

“We are always prepared, as your Scouts say. Funny that you should mention contingency plans at your breakfast today. But in this spiritual realm, there are no contingency plans, no plans, just the unfolding of a reality that is long known, but never planned. How can I say that this is true? Or how to be fortunate enough to be enlightened/privy to this information? The known comes forth as it reveals itself out of the Great Plan, but it is never planned ahead of time; just revealed in its true glory, fully formed. Then it develops by choice, will, playful endeavor; curiosity; happiness. It is creativity in this making, Universal, powerful urges move through all, causing creativity to flourish in response, like leaves to the sun and wind forces. We move, too, we trees, as we are called by the greater plan, but have many choices and happiness rules the moment as to when and where we plop ourselves down and give of our happiness to the Earth or other spaces.”

colour of happiness

A maple tree said:

“Many of your species have noticed that we (trees) are not doing as well as we used to; our leaves are dying from your poisons and our roots are also feeling the pinch. The water is no longer fully wholesome from soil or sky and we don’t like noise that is unnatural and vibrates our roots badly. But we continue to pour forth love and healing chemicals and go about our nature/natural lives in pursuit of a ‘higher ground’, a place wherein we become greater selves. Our development spiritually and consciously is all-important. As we develop, we develop new abilities and can bring forth great wonders energetically and also to the physical manifestation.
“So be well my friends. Come forth in your glory and you will find us waiting in glory to welcome you and live in harmony and grace (yes we know grace; we form it every day); we exude this natural grace. Solemnity is not part of that, but laughter, playfulness, ease and lightness of being; we are creative and naturally curious and we love the Christ consciousness coming through every pore of this planet’s existence. It is what the planet is made of after all. You must broaden your idea of what it is; your ideas are so narrow and limited. Widen and enlarge your awareness and you will find Me (Christ) in every cell of every plant and every stone and every being that exists, animal, dolphin, whale, etc.””Call us forth. Please don’t deny yourselves this ability to call forth nature’s finest consciousness, its abilities to heal itself and the world. This garden planet is unique in its resources for higher consciousness and verdant growth possiblities. It provides great stamina and strength to its species and has an integration unlike any found. It can sustain great damage and heal itself, but it cannot sustain continued or even sporadic damaging; conscious and unconscious.

living with trees

You can read more of these messages in this PDF that Elisa has prepared for Planet Waves readers.

The author Hermann Hesse seemed to be onto the inner life of trees as well. “Trees are sanctuaries,” he wrote in his book Wandering. “Whoever knows how to speak to them, whoever knows how to listen to them, can learn the truth. They do not preach learning and precepts, they preach undeterred by particulars, the ancient law of life.

“A tree says: A kernel is hidden in me, a spark, a thought. I am life from eternal life. The attempt and the risk that the eternal mother took with me is unique, unique the form and veins of my skin, unique the smallest play of leaves in my branches and the smallest scar on my bark. I was made to form and reveal the eternal in my smallest special detail. A tree says: My strength is trust…I trust that God is in me. I trust that my labour is holy. Out of this trust I live.”

(story from Planet Waves, photos are mine)

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Angels Doorway – Flickr PhotoShare


My poem was reposted by Christine on her dadirridreaming blog site.

The poem was written in 2011.   Later in the winter months of 2013 when Tom was recovering from a trio of major skin cancer surgeries, he got up in the middle of the night because he heard “male voices” down the hallway.  He opened  the door of the bedroom, looked down the hallway into the open space between the kitchen and living room and saw two light beings standing and discussing something.  He went into the bathroom off our bedroom and when he returned, it was quiet and they were gone.   The next morning, Tom said to me, “I have something to tell you,” and proceded to tell me about this.

The presence of the light beings in our home did not surprise Christine.

I wrote an account of this on a blog titled, “I Have Something to Tell You.”  If I can figure out how to get it back up here, I will repost it too.


A Message from the Angels

By Susan H. Hajec

Dedicated to Margo & Janet

In an open doorway, there is a space.
It is the space between
where you are
and where
you are going.

Pay attention to what comes to you
when you open this door
with the space between
and your future.

We are in that space
as your guides
and as your direction.
We are your angels.

So there is no need to fear
when you make your choices
from the love and light
that are in this doorway.

We are willing to pull you
or push you through the appearance
of obstacles or a harsh wind.

In this doorway you can create
a new now
filled with what is attracting you.
It takes only your decision.

There is no need
to hurry, dear one,
no need to rush.

Just be in the quiet
in the space
in the open door

between you
and your future.
We are here!
And in a millisecond
of the time it takes you to decide,
we will make it happen!

Again, do not be afraid.
It feels like you are lost
but you are not.
You are just in the space

in the open door
immersed in possibility and potential.

When what you have enjoyed
has come to an end,
it is your turn

to choose once again
what comes next
in the open door
where you can create
and just be.

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