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I do my work honestly.

At the beginning of this year I made my intention to  2011. It is to be a year of being in grace, accepting abundance and being in alignment with all that is good. Intentions have become powerful spiritual tools for living my life with purpose and meaning. (My intention for 2010 was: Free Falling into Spirit).

 The year is going well and I have felt those intentions actualizing in my day to day life. One of the five Reiki healing principles is: Just for today, I will do my work honestly. Doing my work honestly has necessitated becoming a daily writer, focusing on the project at hand, and listening to the guidance I receive from one project, in particular: the left hand pages of my Writing Down Your Soul journal. I am currently using a hard-cover spiral notebook, (3rd one of a series) I’ve been writing in since I read, studied and believed Janet Conner’s work in her first book, “Writing Down Your Soul”. 
It’s been grace in my life, enhanced my quiet time, which I am drawn to anyway, and pushed my pen into and through many surprises. Now, as you’ve seen in one of my prior posts, I have a brand new “My Soul Pages” notebook, autographed and gifted to me by Janet, to begin as I conclude the pages of my present journal.  I even have the joy of being a co-namer of our icon owl, Sophia-Sol.
Already rave reviews are being written about the companion journal pages to Writing Down Your Soul. But today, I’ve been “back-paging perusing” only the left hand side of my journal, and the words and direction are so authentic and coming from a place within me I seem to have access to only upon “asking”. “Ask….and it shall be given to you.” 
So as Janet directs, ask the questions on the right hand side of the page; Listen….and your hand and pen shall move! So rather than a reviw, I am going to record here some of my left hand pages, without the right hand questions. Just responses I received from taking time aside, being in the quiet, opening to the question, and as Janet says, “Let the conversation begin.” ….
May 6
“Elija was wrong, I AM in the wind you hear outside, but I AM also in the quiet you are forming in your life…you know what you are to do and who you are to be. Be assured you are following your guidance and intuition correctly. Hear the power of the wind pick up at your window. Soon the power of your words will carry the same force and blow out across the waiting world.”
Apr. 5
“When you come to me as your Source, you activate the energy that reconnects you to your purpose; inspiration then shows up right before your eyes, even when you may have stopped thinking about it.”
April 6
“Scripture chosen by you through which I speak, tells you that I do not like delay and procrastination in doing my Will in the Kingdom of God. The Kingdom of God is open to you, just like the feast, but you cannot enter it with procrastination, delay, excuses or doubt. Enter and live in my 3rd Kingdom in joy for your time has come. Write your book, prepare and give your workshops, enter into your new home and gather in your abundance and new income.”
April 4
“I want you to meet me here in the silence. You may write down the words you hear from me. I AM within you, your very essence. Trust, trust even the silence. Work on your book. Let it be what it wants to be. Lead into it with the silence. I will be there pushing your pen. Do not be afraid, I AM with you. I will take you by the hand.”
Apr. 3
(God’s words for me spotted in Tami Coyne’s Your Life’s Work, p. 15:)
“A person who is determined to ALIGN herself to the good naturally responds to life with totally different set of emotions than (those who don’t). Spirit is at work every moment of everyday because Spirit is Life itself.  Spirit is your life. “
April 2
“Just for today, I do my work honestly includes ALWAYS doing some work on BFTTQ. Say good-bye to any agenda that does not include moving forward on BFTTQ.”
“April 1 – Star Message:
“Dear Susan, These words ARE mine.You are seeing and hearing them from Science of Mind Magazine. See how they have caught your attention: It is I AM WHO AM speaking to you.  (My personal name for the “Voice, God, Source” that I address on the left hand side of the page is WHO, Whole and Holy One)… and  I, God, have no plan for you except to succeed with whatever agenda you determine. Keep paying attention to BFTTQ. Spend more time in your room alone. The ideas that are specifically aligned with your particular talent flow through your mind. Give them your attention and bring them to fruition. They exist only as potentiality(ies) until matched with your interest and faith. They are opportunities for good awaiting your passion. Love, God. “
Mar. 29
Dear Susan,
“Today, I the Lord, bestow on you: a crown of beauty instead of ashes; the oil of gladness instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair.” (inspired by Is. 61:1,3) I was reading it and it wouldn’t let me go until I put in on the left hand side of my journal, so I took it as my personal message that day.
Mar 22
“I AM pure Energy, pulsating, available and I AM ready to give you anything you need. “
Mar 21
“Release the need to determine how things should be. You have to learn how to be at the Source. Relax at the Source and Source will decide and take you to your very potential. Trust and prepare.”
So this is what is happening for me in my quiet time on the left hand side pages of my Writing Down Your Soul Journal. There are huge amounts of fellow-soul writers out there just as excited and inspired about their left-hand pages as I am about mine.
The messages are consistent, on target, supportive, and come with a true sense of all-knowing, so it has been a total experience of trust and belief and a sense of waking up to my own adventure.
Anyway…..why not? Who’s to decide between fact and fiction? Or needs to? It’s all good here and I’m sticking with it.
Dear WHO………   (I just told them about US!) 
Whadoyathink? Now the question’s out there.
Turn the page.

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