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It is said that chaos precedes creativity. Today is a day when the chaos in my creativity room has overtaken even the simplest of my creative activities, so I have had to STOP. And “retool” my room with some peace and divine order.

So I am doing this. Some of the chaos comes from inspirations coming in at a fast and furious pace, the stocking up of “I can use that”, but don’t quite have a place or a “tab” for that now, plus an overindulgence in a buying habit of new resources.

Again, I stop. I will relegate some of my “not using at this time” book shelf stockpile to the lower level of the basement (oh no!) but tend to them in time.

I am centering the papers, files, and hanging folders of my main projects at hand now, and within the next 48 hours have a much better chance for a systematic approach to each.

This task of ordering is always elongated in time, as I stop to read materials I’ve either written or saved, rather than to just put them in order. The temptation is too great and so I “take a rest.”

Well, I am back and I will post a writing I came across in a Science of Mind Skills book. In lesson Three — In The Name of God, it lists some interchangeable terms for God. When writers use these words, they often capitalize the words to give an indication of their divine meaning.

In the Skill Builder section, it asks the student/reader to use each of the synonyms used for God above in an affirmative claim.

Here is what I wrote, August 29, 1999. The synonym will be italicized bold:

God – In God, I live and move and have my being.
First Cause, Creator of all, creator of me, you live in me.

Creative Process, I trust we are united as one and I co-create your will.
Divine Intelligence supplies me with all I need to know to do what is mine to do.

Divine Mind, you are my mind now.
Divine Givingness, I give thanks for your generosity and amply fulfilling my needs.

Divine Intelligence, never-ending, you flow through me and guide right thought and action.
Infinite Wisdom, how sweet and precious, more precious than gold or silver, how you console me and how welcome you are.

Creative Power, it is you I hear in my heart and imagination.
Universal Power, I am One with you.
Higher Power, you guide and sustain me in my gift of recovery.

Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.


Father-Mother God, alpha and omega, masculine and feminine, be-all over all as One.
One Life, One God, One power, I am you.

I continued writing on “the empty page” a short essay.

My image of God today is that the purple flame that burns in the center of my forehead in the third eye area during the quiet of Centering Prayer. My image of God is One who is always inviting me to come closer and wants to make itself known in more ways than I now know.

My God is a river that flows endlessly, nourishing all life with sweet water. My God is a fire in a rock that flames forever with a passionate, consuming flare. My God is the Bread, the sustenance of all life.

God is light and in God there is no darkness. My God looks to me as the Light of the world. My God looks to me as the Incarnate — my flesh bringing forth His Word of Truth in my life and bids me to bring forth The Good News to others.

Now in 2013, I’m glad I took a rest to read through these words of mine almost fourteen years ago. Between that time and now, I have experienced heights of joy and the depths of defeats and everything else that falls somewhere in between.  And this I know.

I described what God, has been, is and will always be to me. And I am most grateful for your Oneness.

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