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This is how Matthew Fox, author of Creativity refers to the Imagination. He calls it a fierce power!

Imagination is a fierce power. It is a playful power. It is a dramatic power. People pay a lot of money to visit Disney’s Theme Parks, awash in imagination.

Imagination lets us step into a space within ourselves that we too often ignore in the daily routines of life. We, even though we are adults and have gone to Disneyland “for the children”,absorb the magic of imagination just for this special time of our visit.


I remember being highly influenced by the word “imagination” during one of our visits to Disney World.  When we visited the cartoon exhibit, they explained that the scholarships they gave to creative apprentices, were aimed at heightening the appreciation of this quality of imagination within others….to raise the value of it….and to increase the potential of the student to learn from their  creative and imaginative powers.

Einstein, himself, has stated that his most profound discoveries have not come from rational thought, but from imagination.  Dreaming was an important activity to him. In fact, Thomas Edison, found it absolutely necessary to take a nap in the afternoon. That was part of his work pattern.

Disney - dream pillow

In Creativity, Fox writes: “In the Kabbalah, the medieval Jewish mystical work, we are instructed that “the firece power of imagination is a gift from God.” To call imagination a “fierce power” is to warn us that we are wrestling with the wild forces when we enter into the arena of creativity. A wresting match not unlike Jacob struggling with an angel can be anticipated.”

Author John O’Donohue points out that in the Celtic way of seeing the world, the soul is the place where the imaginatin lives.

Imagination takes us to the space of “elsewhere.”

I love that phrase – “the space of elsewhere.” O’Donohue continues to describe it as taking us to nothingness, to emptiness, to what is not yet and therefore to what might still be. The space of “elsewhere” invites us to have a living imagination.

We can choose today to be a “space of elsewhere”, where we are busy feeding and nourishing our imagination. We can dance with the rhythms of creativity and not simply sit on the sidelines of life.

Today, I am creating a day with my grandson, celebrating his 14th birthday. We are still in “fluid design” of exactly what the day will bring. But it will bring spontaneity, laughter and fun, I know.

We will view the day as a river of creativity running through all things. We’re going to get wet, jump in, and ride the rapids, wild and sacred as they may be…..even if we only go to a movie and eat chocolate cake together!


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Here is one more guest napkin today by Jean Slatter.

Napkinwriter will begin some of her own new napkins by Tuesday this week.

“CM Journal Page 11: Have you ever had a dream that was so incredibly rich with feeling and emotion that it actually seemed real? 

I love it when I dream. Some of my dreams have provided logical answers about issues I have had in my waking life and some have been extraordinary fantasies that don’t seem to be grounded in any reality I know of.  I have even had the experience of being aware that while I was dreaming a vivid dream, I was both sleeping and watching my dream at the same time. 

Many people believe that dreams are just a brilliant fabrication of our consciousness.  Yet what if there are parts of ourselves that are actually having legitimate dream time experiences?  It’s fascinating to consider, don’t you think?  All we know for certain about our dream state is that we don’t physically go anywhere.  Everything is happening in the mind.

Dream World

Could it be possible that all of life is a dream within the Mind of God?  Shamans use this analogy and say that what we term real life is actually a dream. Quantum physicists believe this is closer to the truth of reality. A wonderful book to read on this subject is The Field by Lynne McTaggart. This book along with many others is showing that everything is energy and that our illusion of matter is being played out on a multidimensional screen called the “field”. 

I believe that we are Creators of experience and our opportunity to create is carried out in the unlimited, unbounded consciousness of God. Any experience that the mind of God can imagine is being brought to life. There have been no limits to what can be explored nor could/should there be. The boundless dream world in the mind of God is running non-stop from the beginning of time to infinity.  If it exists in this reality it is because the mind of God dreamed it.

Our Opportunity to Create

Imagine what fun it would be to design and create your dreams before you drifted off to sleep each night.  Where would you like to go?  What would you like to be?  What emotions would you like to feel?  The possibilities are endless.  You can sail the high seas as a one-eyed pirate or rob a bank and get away with it.  It would be as if a genie gave you a special power to safely experience any adventure or drama that you would like to create.

Forgotten it’s a Dream

But here is the conundrum:  It’s hard to fully experience what it’s like to be chased by a tiger when you know that it isn’t ‘real’.  The tiger is an illusion.  Who you are in the dream is an illusion.  And soon enough the real you will wake up and discover that none of it actually happened.  So, the question is:  how can you make it “real” to yourself?

Well clever you! Turns out you thought of a way to “forget” so that you can be totally enmeshed in the experience. You have fallen asleep to who you really are on purpose so that you can be fully engaged in the illusion. Thus, the dream will seem very real indeed. This is how, I believe, that we are able to have innumerable lifetimes and yet not remember them.

Life is certainly entertaining, isn’t it? 

Is it possible that all of our experiences are being carried out in the imagination/mind/dreams of an infinite being? Understanding how all of this happens has been pondered by the most brilliant of minds of science and poets throughout history and we whereas we may think we have come up with some plausible explanations we may also find out in the end that we haven’t a clue.”

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Jean Slatter is the founder of the Creative Mystic program which teaches holistic healing modalities and spiritual philosophies intended for self-growth and assisting others on their paths to wholeness. To learn how to create your life without barriers, register for her free information at CreativeMystic.com

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Jean is the founder of the Creative Mystic program which teaches holistic healing modalities and spiritual philosophies intended for self-growth and assisting others on their paths to wholeness.

Jean believes there is no barrier or separation between you and your divine nature. Through her program she provides easy-to-use and practical tools to reveal the wisdom of the soul and transform your being into the real truth of who you are. Jean believes that we are all powerful creators, divinely sanctioned to express our gifts to the world.

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