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                                          Keep the Pace

                                     And who is to judge
                                     how slow one goes?
                                     The pace of a snail
                                     or the flight of a bird
                                     is a response to the rhythm
                                     inwardly heard.


My Dollhouse

                                          Sitting on my playroom floor
                                          there behind a half-closed door,

                                         I went into a world brand new
                                         and left behind my feeling blue.

                                         For in this very special place
                                         I had created my own space.

                                         And in it was my dollhouse world
                                         where all my girlhood dreams unfurled.

                                        I put such love within that home
                                        that no one had to feel alone.


                                                Grief stuck
                                                      in my being
                                                 No way out
                                                 I need a pogo stick
                                                       to get from here
                                                           to where my heart can
                                                                   go on

                                                   without a trail
                                                          made wide with tears
                                                               shed and unshed
                                                     like those from a baby
                                                            left too long unfed.



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