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Linda Wilson wrote a three page summary of the reflections back on her life and emailed it to me. She is celebrating her 70th birthday and along with the joys in her life, she is also facing some rather large physical challenges for herself and her best friend.

She also sent me these gorgeous photos of her Austin flower garden surrounding her home. You can almost feel the texture and enjoy the fragrant aroma.

I shared a small part of Linda’s life when we were newly married and moved to a whole new environment in Lexington Kentucky. She lived just down the street from where we lived in our first apartment and her husband, Tom and my new husband, Tom, started to work at IBM on the same day.

Linda became my first friend in Lexington. Our first daughter became their “second” daughter and we spent backyard times together and Saturday nights playing cards and eating pizza. It was the 70s with all the crazy going’s on of that time. Amidst changing times and consciousness, the thread of our friendship became a strong cord.

Then, Linda and Tom, moved to Austin Texas with a transfer of his job at IBM. No longer did they live just down the street from us. Actually, our first apartment had been on one side of where they lived, and when we built our first home, we were just “up” the street on the other side of the Wilson’s.

The move to Austin happened to be a good move for both Tom and Linda as they renewed meaningful treasures in their own married relationship. It’s funny how a change in environment can do that. Linda wrote letters to me (no email in those days) with a refreshing sense of newness and new interests and common activities that obviously made her feel more alive and in love with life.

This all came crashing down on her when her husband suffered a severe brain aneurism in his sleep one night and did not awake in the morning. What followed was a long, torturous path of hospitals and travels and unsolved mysteries of recovery that both Tom and Linda suffered through.

Mostly Linda, though, as she had a long path as caretaker; there were no rehabs at that time and Linda was full-time in the home caregiver for a severely affected but alive patient-husband.  She was pretty-alone, and that is very understated.

Linda made her way through this and a long way down the road, it became time to find Tom’s place in a care facility. He was mobile at this time, carried conversation, made jokes, and knew he was going to his new home. He put his slippers under his bed the first night he was there and said good night to his wife and daughter. He died in his sleep in the morning.

He cut the bonds to Earth and traveled on to his new goodness.

Linda traveled on here on Earth as well. She trained and worked as Activity Director in nursing homes and was the Spirit of Life, Humor, and Good Will to many elderly. She inspired them on to form bell choirs, and perform concerts for their loved ones and the public, fully garbed in rich regale.

Finding both a good friend and fantastic piano player in James, they brought love and delight to scores of people. And then, together they taught other Activity Directors how to do this wonderful work too, by teaching at workshops across the country.

They have given much, and now both are in physical need themselves, so I know that much will be given them.  Music is Love and in Linda and James it is obvious it is all ONE AND THE SAME!

I sent the following message back to Linda this morning:

Hi Linda,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my lifelong friend! You are right, Age 70 is a special milestone; Tom is living it this year; I am deciding what I want for my 70th in January and I am leaning toward a WHOLE YEAR OFF of JUST THINGS SUE WANTS TO DO.     I think that is what is going to happen; probably means a lot of reading & reflecting.

This is also very special that you put down in words your own journey in this life. I’ve printed it off so Tom can read it too.
Thank you for the grand blessing of your friendship. With each birthday, we are realizing that within this body, there is a Divine Spark of PURE LOVE that burns forever for us.

So HAVE A GREAT YEAR of feeling and knowing that Spark is a blazing, glowing reality within you asking you to only know how much you are LOVED and NEEDED in this Universe. God loves you so much that, just think, he/she CREATED YOU because the Universe was not complete in HIS (HERS) eyes until you were a part of it

So 70 year old Linda, you are supposed to know that YOU complete God’s Universe. Pretty special, HUH!!!  There are many, many people in Austin that know that is the truth of you and many people who have gone ON as Tom has that know it too. Celebrate the beauty of you.  love, sue

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