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God and the angels danced the day you were born, Andrew.
I know we did!

Andrew Thomas Warriner.  Born March 4, 1999. 1:18 pm.


Your birth scripture, chosen by me:  “O Lord, our Lord, your greatness is seen in all the world! Your praise reaches up to the heavens; it is sung by children and babies.”

It is sung by us too.

Baptism Cloth

With mom and dad under your baptismal blanket.

I baptize thee

Priest. (Fr. James Barrett). “Andrew Thomas, you have become a new creation and have clothed yourself in Jesus… With your family and friends to help you by word and example, the Church gives you the outward sign of your Christian dignity…may you always live as a member of the Body of Christ, sharing everlasting life.”

Tom & Andrew

with “Go Green” Grandpa

Andrew and Great Buscia

with Great Buscia Frances

Andrew and Me

One of my favorite photos.

Some of the best times of my life are times I’ve spent with you, Andrew. I will always remember the running leaps into my arms that I had to brace myself for as you got bigger and bigger.


And it seems you got bigger, way too fast.

I will always remember your cuddles, so freely given. I remember the lovely sound of your voice as you’d call for Grama or said countless times, “I love you, Grama.”

I remember how you could count on me as your swim buddy, when no one else would go in the pool. Swim time was anytime right after breakfast until…well, until bedtime. Especially in North Carolina.

I remember how the best Christmas present Grandpa and I ever got was the one you and Devon gave us after we’d moved to North Carolina and came back for Christmas. It was a card made by you and Devon for a week vacation, without mom and dad, with grandma and grandpa in North Carolina. What a week that was!

I remember how you came to visit us in NC, even though you didn’t like the long car ride “over the mountains.”


I remember how when you were a toddler in the car seat, you would ask, “Are we going on the highway, grandma?” I’d ask why and you said  because you  always fell asleep on the highway….and you did.

I’ll always remember these things, even when you think I don’t. These times and memories reside in my heart.


We went to Disneyworld!

more fans

We went to Ford Field for Marshall Football Championship!

Andrew and Devon musicians

We went to lots of concerts!

Christmas 2012

We have lots of Christmas’ together!


and birthday parties.


Grama’s special 70th Birthday Party (you all kept a big secret!)

Andrews Acting Roles

and so many special theater productions with starring roles.

Andrew - as Judah

as Judah in Joseph & the Technicolor Coat

Andrew on the board

Jo Jo in Seussical Musical

Grama Jojo & Horton

Grama gets in the picture!

Andrew1 - King

The King, Etcettera, etcettera, etcettera.

Life - create yourself

and Andrew, you are creating yourself magnificently.

Enjoy your last months of Eighth Grade and enter into your high school years this fall in joy and great friendship all around.


Your grama is a Napkinwriter. And that is where this post started this morning. In my prayer heart. On my prayer table, the following words can guide your life.

From my round window glass: “I can do all things through Christ.” Phillipians 4:13

From my meditation book: the title:  “Always We Begin Again.”

And Andrew, that is what we do in life….always, we begin again.

You have many great beginnings.  Happy Birthday, dear grandson.

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