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How To Bring More Love to Our World

Guest Blog from Suzanne Murray, author, writing coach, EFT & Creative Coach
October 14th, 2017


I don’t think any of us will question that these are tough times that can leave us feeling a bit helpless to have a positive, creative impact in our lives and the world. If we view the world solely from our rational mind, we limit our understanding to what has happened in the past or what we think might happen in the future. We limit our connection to the grace available in each moment and to the potential for miracles. We limit our capacity to love our world.

Science now shows us, based on a study of the earth’s magnetic fields done by NASA, that what we hold in our hearts radiates out to the whole world. It turns out that our hearts have a magnetic field five thousand times more powerful that the one generated by our brain and it is in communication with the magnetic field of the earth.

This means holding love and appreciation in our hearts and feeling it going out to people and places in need actually has an impact. We can do this for people on the other side of the world from us, people in the midst of natural disasters, those in front of us in the line in the grocery store as well as to the earth herself.

I have a great fondness for tree squirrels and sometimes hold my affection for them in my heart and send that love to people and places in need. Recently I was doing this while sitting in my car in the park. I notice a gray squirrel loping in my direction and watched him come right up under my window, sit up and stare straight at me, as if to say, yes! So find what works for you. Play with it. I was delightfully surprised by what felt like squirrel love.

Our heart’s connection to a larger field of awareness may explain how we know things beyond our mind’s ability to understand how we know. We just know. We feel it in our gut, in our bones. This voice of our intuition or inner knowing that doesn’t make sense to our mind.

We tend to let our minds talk us out of the guidance that comes from that kind of knowing because it takes us out of our comfort zone into the unknown. Yet now more than ever we need to tap these expanded capacities for creative problem solving and innovation to be the change for our own lives and the world. We can to bring our heart felt love into our own energy field and the field of the world.

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January 2 is my birthday, I am 69 years old today. Thank you moms and dad for the gift of life and your love. I have a good life and I am loved. This is the best I could have.

In honor of my own birthday, I am copying a poem from Joyce Rupp’s “The Star in my Heart.” I have a heart connection to Sister Joyce, poet, prolific writer, and religious sister. I used several of her books in the 1990s in my workshops to inspire women to look within and see the star in their own heart. They did. They saw.

At the beginning of her book, Joyce talks about her own journey to Wisdom.

Once upon a time a child of happiness danced upon the land, knew friendship with the earth, and celebrated life with her love of solitude and simple things…She grew into a young woman, whose vision of self was clouded, clothed with the complexities of insecurity and the necessity of leaving the hallowed womb of the quiet earth. She walked into cities of strangers straining her inner eye to catch the slightest hint of the beauty that had energized her younger days…

…Days stretched into months and then years went by. She slowly changed by going deeper, deeper, into her Center. Never understanding why the desire to go deeper was there but always knowing there was no other choice than to follow at all cost…Darkness often loomed….Risk and Truth became her companions…She met Compassion and then…..

Wisdom came to greet her.

So close, at times were these companions that she wept for their intensity and her unworthiness. Still they walked with her and…

everywhere she went, her companions reached out and blessed the people of her life. She could only kneel in gratitude, offering her heart of praise to the Divine Companion who had faithfully kept the kindling of love burning in her heart”.

My journey has been much like that and I am grateful to Joyce, for much more, but at least for these summarizing words. In my case, the happy childhood was present, but amidst a lot of mystery of my own heritage, my birth mother and my mom who loved and raised me from the age of two on.

I am grateful to have remained true to the call and companionship and rewards of Wisdom residing within me and I know all my steps and searches, whether in the joy of light and discovery or the mystery of darkness and uncertainty, have been blessed by the ever-present God and grace within me.

And so now, I copy a Birth Poem by Joyce Rupp that always makes my heart dance with wonder and delight. And then I’m going to get up and dance.

                    “gathered together am I
                     from a history-held-mystery
                    a bundle of memories am I.

                      caught from smiles and heartaches
                      of faces and places past cherished,
                       given in love from the heart of life.

                        from kisses and lovemaking,
                       from caring and growing,
                      from vibrancy and vitality,
                      the gathered memories
                      of my own named person
                      have been gifted into existence.

                      surprises from seeds and secrets,
                      gifts from unknown voices and events:
                       here am I, so ordinary, so unique.
                       here am I so gifted, so complex.
                       knowing that the seed of my self
                       has touched the gathered memories;
                       gleaned from the ages of another time,
                       seed and sperm seeking, making known.

                      a birthed bundle surprised into life, 
                       light filling the center of a new spirit;
                      the blessing of eternity passed on:
                      urgency always to seek the face of God,
                      first gatherer of all good memories.”

                                         Joyce Rupp
                                          A Star is Born
                                         page 49

Thank you Joyce. This is a beautiful celebration of the Truth and Wonder of my birthday. Now, turn up the music and let’s dance!




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