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Gentle Woman Reiki

Today’s post is a repost of a blog I wrote a couple of years ago. Today, I continue this practice and continue to give Reiki treatments to those who desire them and Reiki attunements to those who wish to add Reiki practice and healing to their lives.

An ongoing update of the blessings of Reiki in my own family life. Many, with medical comments of the belief that Reiki is, in part, and sometimes wholly attributed to the healings experienced. I always treat Tom and he has recovered remarkedly from back pain over the past two years. He had a spinal fusion surgery and a fast recovery as he rehabbed with no further problems and the ability to walk distances with no pain. The previous ten years had been agony.

His skin cancers, especially around his face and scalp, have continued to be challenging, but right along with frequent Reiki treatments, he found excellent care at University of Michigan Cancer Clinic. This past year, he’s had over a half-dozen MOHS surgical procedures and the main doctor on the case said to us, “You are a good healer, in fact, you are the best healer I’ve seen with the amount of recovery you had to do.”  He definitely acknowledged Tom’s role in choosing healthy recovery and encouraged us to  continue the “Raykee” or whatever it was he was doing!



Her ways are ways of gentleness and all her paths are peace.”

As a Usui Reiki Master, I give and teach a natural healing method you can do for yourself anytime, anywhere. It comes from the Japanese spiritual and holistic healing tradition and has been practiced in Japan and the United States and around the world since the early 1900s.  The tradition, for a long time, was passed on to another verbally and Reiki practitioners receive “attunements” into Level I, II, or Reiki Master & Master Teacher from another Master who comes from the line of Mikeo Usui, the founder of the healing practice.

One can learn much today from books and the internet about Reiki, but the passing on of the Reiki Universal Life Force powers of healing comes from the hand of another Reiki Master.

Beside the universal desire for love, the two other things I’ve wanted in life were good health and personal, all-abiding peace within. In my search for these, I walked many paths, dipped into many wells of knowledge and wisdom and I’ve had a wide variety of experiences that brought either suffering or healing.

And I guess I would add balance to my life-long “wanted” list for happiness. This explains the draw of Reiki into my life. If Reiki is about one thing- it is most certainly about balancing the body/mind/spirit for the highest good. That includes balancing your physiology and this impacts how you experience your life positively.

When I give a Reiki treatment to a person (hands above or gently on a fully-clothed person), two experiences are common and shared by anyone I treat.  First, they experience an intense heat penetrating where ever my hands are placed above or on them; second, they go into a deep relaxation — deeper than shivasana, experienced at the end of a yoga session.

As a Reiki practitioner, I am doing nothing but acting as a vessel for the Universal Life Force to do its healing of the person on whatever level they need it; spiritual, emotional, physical. The person in deep relaxation is actually drawing the Reiki healing power into their being, I am not “sending” it.

When, as a Reiki Master, I give a Level I attunement, to another person, they now have the Reiki Power, to self-treat or treat others in their presence; Level II, is a higher attunement for Distance Healing and like “Prayer Sent” the energy of Reiki can be sent out over the world for the healing of persons or the planet. A person requesting Master Attunement experiences Reiki as a Calling, and wants to bring more Reiki into the world throught treatments and attuning new practitioners.

Like the popular phrase in the Star War Series, “The Force is with you,” you can be sure It truly is — Reiki just plugs it in and lights it up!

Reiki has gone to bat for me in the healing of emotional disturbance, soulful direction and on the physical plane where you can see it: heart surgery and not only the healing but the disappearance of a brain tumor without surgery and about 1/4 of the drugs they originally ordered.

Cats love Reiki! I’ve had them dash out from hiding and come lay under my Reiki table when I am giving another person a treatment. They stretch out long and expose their belly (the cats). If I put my Reiki hands on their furry belly, I’m afraid they are going to break their purring machine!

Reiki helps me stay rooted just in today. It reminds me by its principles to strive for and surrender to kindness and honesty, to let go of stress and worry, and to be mindful of my blessings.

When I am out of balance and not able to relax or respond to others in kindness, I suffer. I don’t like to suffer. When I include a self-treatment of Reiki for myself in my morning spiritual practice, my day goes better me and for others I come in contact with.

Reiki is one of the wondrous practices that came to me as one of the results of my search for good health, happiness and a support of my spirituality. Reiki is here to be shared.

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Earth Day for all of us, of course , is every day of our calendar year. At this point in cosmic history, as we know it, there is no “Planet B” on which we can be born into and live our lives upon.

Earth is our point of reference. It truly is Mother for it nourishes, supports, and sustains our very breath and life on a moment to moment basis. More and more, we are being asked as a collective group of responsible beings, are we doing the same for Mother Earth.

Do we nourish the physical realms upon which we live, visit and explore? Does the way in which we live upon this Earth support her rather than damage her? And do we use the information available to guide the Earth to a sustainable future by how we leave our carbon prints upon the Earth and truly respect the Truth that we have a responsibility to the future generations of the world’s families?

In his book, Mago’s Dream, Communing with the Earth’s Soul, author and world-renowned peace activist and spiritual leader, Ilchi Lee, says “the following should be the first words spoken to a newborn: ‘ Welcome to the Earth. You are now an Earth-Human, whose life roots are buried deep inside the heart of the Earth.’

He continues to say this should be the very first thing that a baby learns. It should also be the first message the human brain receives.

It is the highest enlightenment there is; to know that you have come to Earth and that you are now an Earth-Human. Lee co-hosted the first Humanity Conference in June 2001, held in Seoul, Korea, to explore the concrete influence that spirituality can have on our current political, economic and cultural makeup.

He says that the moment we become aware of the Earth, we will be awakened to cosmic awareness.  Earth, he feels, provides us with a more concrete target for the path of our consciousness evolution. “Furthermore if we make an effort to engage in conscious evolution of our awareness, we will realize that we are One with the cosmos, at the very moment we realize we are One with the Earth.

A human being can elevate his/her consciousness enough to feel the entirety of the Earth in his or her heart, and to realize the Oneness that connects all of life in a web of live, pulsating energy.

“That human being,” writes Lee, “will then look at the Earth and all life as ‘home’ and with the love and protectiveness that home generates.” This is transformational. It is the amazing power of enlightenment.

It comes down to our own individual choices to become aware of the cosmic vastness of our consciousness, or not.

I have made the choice to grow in my personal understanding of cosmic consciousness in the areas of science, spirituality, and social action.

I have joined the ACE (Agents of Conscious Evolution) course to evolve personally and collectively with persons around the globe to prepare for a new birth of Earth consciousness to be celebrated by millions of people on December 22, 2012.

Yes, on the day AFTER the Mayan calendar ends, Barbara Marx Hubbard, is preparing to have a world-wide party of Earth-Humans who believe they can and will make a difference in actually raising the consciousness of the planet Earth and its inhabitants.

A difference in communication; a heightening and strengthening of worthy, sustainable values; an adherence to a core belief that the Earth can serve all the needs of its populations; a growing understanding of what heart-t0-heart coherence can mean to the uplifting of the planet; getting a real discussion going among the leaders of peace, science, religions, and social activists about what can work in co-creating new models of leadership and co-existence on the planet.

And all these mighty goals and perhaps lofty ideals are supported by a growing acceptance of larger amounts of quiet time in our personal lives for communing with the One, the Holy, the Divine, the Un-nameable, actually God to many, Budda to others; and in the opening up of regular, sacred, even scheduled time in the quiet, which is part of what  Hubbard calls  our  Emergence, she believes we will come to find we will be actually communing, uniting, and becoming that Holy Divine Part of ourselves, which she terms as Essence.

From there, with global acclimation, persons go out into their days, more divinely led and act in our world, on behalf of the good of the Earth, from this pure place within, recognized as Essence — and we do not have the end of the Earth.

Perhaps, the end of the Earth as we know it now,……and the beginning of the New Earth, rich with potential and possibilities of compassionate and passionate co-creation of good, and more good, and more and more good.

Isn’t that a very happy Earth day?

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