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From my friend in Australia:

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Continuing to learn about brain health, Dr Jill Bolte Taylor’s book “My Stroke of Insight” is an excellent resource. Her web site for feedback from readers is rich in inspiring stories of their experiences as they put Jill’s suggestions into practice.

When the left side of Jill’s brain was damaged she appeared a wreck outwardly, unable to speak, or understand speech, unable to walk, unable even to roll her body over. Inwardly she either suffered tremendous pain and confusion, or escaped into another reality, a right brain experience. She writes “The now off-line intellectual mind of my left hemisphere no longer inhibited my innate awareness that I was the miraculous power of life. I knew I was different now – but never once did my right mind indicate that I was “less than” what I had been before. I was simply a being of light radiating light out into the world.  …. in the absence of my left hemisphere’s negative judgement  I perceived myself as perfect, whole, and beautiful just the way I was.

Jill remembered everything she was experiencing while she was so ill, because she was not unconscious. Her right brain and all the cells of her body remained conscious and aware, processing information. However because of the damage to her left hemisphere she had to relearn how to read and write and walk, and how to make sense of the physical world. It was an effort for her to chose the chaos of recovery over the temptation to slip into the peaceful tranquility of divine bliss brought about by the silence of her judgmental left brain.

Her resolution was to recover and teach others that “peace is only a thought away, and all we have to do to access it is silence the voice of our dominating left mind”

As her left hemisphere began healing Jill was faced with the dilemma of wanting the skills she had lost, but not welcoming the old feelings such as anger, frustration or fear that made her body uncomfortable. She learned to talk directly to her brain saying that she did not want to hook into those neural loops. She says “Suddenly I had much more to say about how I felt and for how long, and I was adamantly opposed to reactivating old painful emotional circuits“.  We can follow her example, refusing to run those painful old circuits, choosing instead to take a right brained view of love, peace, joy and compassion.

Jill made use of cellular consciousness in her recovery. She says she counted her blessings and thanked her brain a thousand times a day for responding so well. She found that her right mind understood that every cell in her body (except for the red blood cells) contained the exact same molecular genius as the original zygote that was created at conception, and that she was the life force power of these 50 trillion molecular geniuses! Jill says she is having a big love fest with her 50 trillion cells, she thanks them out loud every day “Thank you girls. Thanks for another great day!” A feeling of intense gratitude in her heart makes sure the cells understand. Then she implores them “Please heal me“, and visualises her immune cells responding.

Jill says “I unconditionally love my cells with an open heart and a grateful mind”. During the day she cheers them on with each achievement and challenge. It is a two way conversation, with Jill listening to her body and responding appropriately. Here is cheerful song to encourage your cells!


More tomorrow, with suggestions about switching on your right mind.

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