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Petunias Arise and Shine


Arise and Bloom
By Susan Heffron Hajec

Living takes time.
Like the seed destined
to bloom
where it is planted.
A response to the sun,
making more grand the landscape
with its unique pattern.

It holds the DNA and mystery
of the stars that burst forth
billions of years ago.

It is no small thing
when the stately sunflower
stretches tall into the sky,
and a tiny crocus barely rises above the surface
through the last of winter’s snowfall
or a human being transforms its life
through the power and strength of love.

Each responds to the eternal call of being.
Each blooms forth in purpose and design
to create anew
and move forward in time.

April 25, 2014

This poem was written for and published  on  Holy Disorder of Dancing Monks website.   INVITATION TO POETRY – ARISE & BLOOM! In her latest post, Abbess Christine reminds us: “The text with which we are praying this month is from the Hebrew wisdom book the Song of Songs, which the ancient rabbis called ‘the holy of holies.’ ‘Arise and bloom’ is our theme, tending to the ways our hearts and souls are breaking forth into blossom after a season of fallowness and stillness.”


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