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Mandala of Hope

I am taking care of some things in my Creativity Room and I came across a message I once heard and wrote down. Here it is from five years ago:

“You are a gentle channel of peace. I have branded you and seared you with the fire of the Holy Spirit. Just like the rain outside and the song you love in church, you:

Rain down, rain down, rain down God’s love on God’s people.
Rain down, rain down, rain down God’s love in your heart.

The earth is parched with loneliness and pain and you feel that pain in yourself and others. It is the Oneness in your message that has always healed your pain and that message is not yours to keep.

People are wanting to be drenched in that message and you are to go out and play in the puddles of my love and splash them up upon my people. You are afraid of being a prophet by your message is not prophesy. Your message is about what is. People don’t need to know about the future. They suffer because they do not know the present — which is where I Am in their lives.

This is where their joy and Truth are. This is what I have taught you and you have learned it. This is the rain of beauty that can soak into others’ lives through who you are.  Choose in love. I Am there. This will be fine.


From: my Writing Down Your Soul Journal — 2011


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