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My year end blog report from WordPress said this was one of my top posts in 2014.  I thought I’d repeat it and bring a little bright yellow and sunshine to the end of the month of December and the end of 2014.

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone and may you enjoy the light of good health, happiness, joy and goodness in 2015 each and every day.

I conclude my posts of 2014 with #400 — a repeat, but I will start anew in January 2015. Just watch!

Daffodils and Life – Both Beautiful and Fragile

 When I post on my Facebook page or put a quote on my Peace in Our Hearts and Around the World  page, I usually use my own photography. The same is true for photos I put in my Napkinwriter posts.

But last week, as I traveled different routes around town, I was regularly surprised by the bright appearance and stately stature of the daffodils which have just burst forth. They always bring joy and it seems like I can almost hear them singing or trumpeting a resound of Alleluias in this  Easter season.

I hadn’t taken the opportunity nor the time to scout out some daffodils I could get up close and personal to with my camera yet, so I googled the internet for an image.  I put the one that  I found and liked on my Facebook page as my profile picture.

I got so many comments  and “likes” about those daffodils from others, that I know I am not alone in my love of these spring flowers, some of the first to arrive behind the frosts of winter.

They add delight to your moment. Not only should we stop to smell the roses, but we can enjoy the bursts of yellow telling us it is time for us, too, to turn to the earth and contribute our own gifts to the enhancement of our soil and the uplifting of our spirits through our creativity and grounding.

…when all at once I saw a crowd,
A host, of golden daffodils…”
William Wordsworth

Spring and daffodills gently urge us to love life
and appreciate its mysteries.”
Alexandra Stoddard

I do both. I love my life. And as I get older and older, I surrender to its many mysteries, living them, not necessarily solving them.


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Yesterday, God sang to me. This is exactly how it happened.

I’ve been getting a lot of signs and messages lately to be aware of and increase my joy in daily living. And I have to say, with a rather simple lifestyle, that wondrous quality of joy is, indeed, showing up more as a regular resident of my day. I am quite grateful for that.

To lose one’s sense of joy is quite sad and I have walked days on the Earth with at least a greatly diminished capacity for joy. Being in fear is one of joy’s first evictors.

Here is how one of my signs arrived. I pulled Matthew Fox’s book, “Creativity” off the shelf for some randomly selected reading of his wondrous text. I opened the book to page 169, where I read the heading on the page: “Open Oneself to Joy.” These syncroniscities happen to me all the time as I guide my life more through my intuitive self.

Before I read that page though I had poured myself a fresh cup of coffee and sat out on my deck as the sun was slipping down toward the horizon. Michigan weather, after a dry torrid spell, had recreated itself into a pleasant, blue-sky sunny light breezy environment. I felt joy in the soft sensations on my skin, the sights and sounds of the fair breeze wind in the trees, the white fluff in the richly colored blue sky and the bird flight patterns and happy chirping sounds of their songs in the backyard.

I felt joyful.

Then I joined in the joy and sang a song of raise and praise to the birds. It is a song we sing for special intentions at our Monday night prayer group meetings.  This time I sang: “I praise you birds, I raise you birds, in the name of Love.” I repeated this several times over, letting my voice sift out to the trees at the end of our backyard.

Then I was quiet for several moments of enjoying the goodness of creation.

This quiet was entered into by two birds that flew a straight path from a tree limb onto the wooden deck railing exactly in front of me. They faced me directly. Then they sang a short little duet together, chirping quite exhubertantly.

Then as quickly as they came, they flew off. They didn’t even stop for a snack at the bird feeder. I was amazed….and I thanked them for their visit.

Matthew Fox says, “To know joy, we must know the heart. We must live where the heart lives. There is no other path to real joy. ”

He also believes that learning is one of the most spiritual, ecstatic, mystical and prayerful experiences available to us all. He is interested in learning the new creation story from science and cosmology.  I found out, to my own surprise, that I was too when I studied evolution and spirituality with Barbara Marx Hubbard this summer.

Fox quotes Thomas Aquinas, 13th Century Dominican theologian, that “by dwelling on creatures, the mind is inflamed to love the Divine goodness”…and that we “love and know God in the mirror of God’s creatures.”

So Fox wonders why we tend to ignore the value of creation in our lives.”Divine Wisdom first appears in the creation of things,” says Aquinas. Fox points out then, that creation becomes our doorway (direct) to Divine Wisdom.

He encourages us not to take it for granted. Not to ignore it. He says to begin to inflame the mind again to love the Divine goodness or blessing inherent in all creation.

My heart was filled last night in the experience on the patio. In fact, my heart was quite full in the silent enjoyment of creation around me before the arrival of the birds and their song.

The feeling I have about my life is that I am living from the heart. I am also paying attention to the creatures. Their presence and gift certainly inflamed me past the sense of fullness.

It was an exciting, creative moment in time.

And in return, I received a gift of God  singing through the birds!

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May Your Heart be Happy in Your New Home

Tom and I received this card in the mail today from two good friends.  It is all about joy.

Not necessarily about the joy we are finding in our new home. But we are happy to be in it. It is more about the joy I felt in receiving the card. It surrounded me immediately and I did not wait until I got into the house to open the card up. I am glad I didn’t.

This card is about the joy found in a friendship that has formed and sustained itself over the test of time and built upon the good that abounds in four human beings. It is a friendship for which Tom and I are both grateful and count ourselves blessed.

This card is the creation of Kathy Davis on an American Greetings card. Her name signature on the back of the card carries the line….”scatter joy” led by a small butterfly. And see how that worked! The butterfly popped out of the envelope as soon as it was in my hand and joy was mine!

This is Kathy’s bio: “As a mother, wife and career woman, my work reflects my lifestyle and the things that inspire me. A love of nature and desire to give back to the world are driving forces in my creative process. My vision to Scatter Joy (registered) is personified through my brand promise:

                              ‘Joy through Art, Joy through Living, Joy through Giving… ‘

I hope that my artwork brings you joy that you’ll want to share with others.”


And, Kathy, your artwork does make me want to share with others. The rest of my day built upon the joy you shared with me and was given to me by my friends.

And now for an additional treat in Joy, please continue to Karen McMillan’s work below. Both Kathy and Karen rank high in the Muses of Joy with me.

 The video is over too soon. Karen, next time make one that lasts at least one minute!

Oh, wow, I see that your video is a minute. Well I need a two minute one next time then.

Thank you.

Loving the Video Karen made during her playtime, I am sharing it with you. I had an amazing day. Hope you did too. And I hope all my connections to Karen’s work actually work on this blog.  

“Courage is the price that life exacts for granting peace.”


Amelia Earhart
When you let go of fear, peace follows. 
Are you following peace?

 In Joy,

Dedicated to your peace and prosperity,
Karen McMillan, ACC, CUG


February 21st, 2011

Lazy Amazing Day – inspire you video #1

I am playing with my 2011 theme of “connection and play.”

Today, I am connecting with my inner artist via my photography.  Learning to play with software on my computer, i.e., Windows Live Moviemaker.  All with the intention of inspiring you.  Creating a 60 second time out for you and your busy brain.

Let me know what you feel.  And, share how you are honoring your inner artist.



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