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Ash Wednesday Card

Today’s Ash Wednesday’s 9:00 am Mass, scripture, liturgy and Father Jim’s reflection fed my soul. The selected hymns honed my attentiveness to the season…..and Jesus, the reason.

He came so that we may have life and have it more abundantly. He came and taught the largest lesson on love there has ever been. “Greater life no man hath but that he lay down his life.”  “Love one another as I have loved you.”  “I Am the Bread of Life.”

Tom and I were asked to bring up the gifts to the altar. We, parishioners, recited the Lord’s Prayer in unison…..”Give us this day, our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us.”

And we took into our own bodies, the Presence, the Body and Blood of Christ, transformed from plain bread by the priest. We prayed for ourselves and our loved ones and the leaders of our world to be able to……do the next right thing, something Father Jim talked about.

I knew I was going to make a SoulCollage® card for this Ash Wednesday when I came home. One line  from the song Hosea stood out in my mind:

“The wilderness will lead you to your heart where I will speak.”

Over the past two weeks I’ve been reorganizing and harvesting (peeking into for themes, actions, guidance I’ve received) my journals and photographs from over at least the past twenty plus years and this line expresses perfectly the guidance I have received over and over again.

There were a great number of times in my life that I surely did not know where the path ahead would lead and I had to pick a thread of guidance to be able to do “that next right thing” or even have the courage to take the next step. There are many stories coming in Napkinwriter that will illustrate this point fairly dramatically.

So I thought my SoulCollage® card would look something like a wasteland background with some symbols of grace or “light” or something.

But the magic and beauty of SoulCollage® took over immediately and a whole new image emerged instantaneously from randomly selected stock in my materials.

It seems the grace of the Mass and the message of Lent was still in full effect when I sat down to make the card. I took to the table with me my scizzors, glue, card backing and one National Geographic magazine plus three packages of images I assembled some time in the last year.

In SoulCollage®, you don’t really “think” your way into the image. You let the image that wants to come forth do exactly that.

But I was thinking a little bit, I must admit. I thought, perhaps, the National Geographic magazine would give me a desert wilderness type background and I’d work from there.

The first thing I opened to in the National Geographic was the full card size crucified Christ image.  Not the first place I would choose to look for such an image. I knew that was my card; but what else to collage to it?

From one of the three packs of images I had with me, I chose one. On the very top of probably over one hundred images was the image of the inter-twining hands. I knew they went on the card; right below them were images of the loaf of bread and the wheat.  And right beneath those were the people walking on the beach.

All I had to do was sense where they were to be on my card. I composed it and it will be with me in all my Lenten reflections and prayer times.

It is not hard to fall in love with your own SoulCollage® cards. I am in deep, deep gratitude to founder  Seena Frost, and my teacher mentors and SoulCollage friends, Catherine Anderson, Karen Mann, Deborah Storts, Ginger,  Neltje Brawer, Kayle Rice, Dorothy, Mary Russell, and Sara Houseman for sharing and shining our souls.

Ash Wednesday CardI AM the Bread of Life.

IMG_3930I AM the One who is Sanctuary.

Souljourner at-Large“I AM the One who is Souljourner.

IAO Birth MotherI AM the One who is your birth mother.

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Playful, often joyful, and gentle way of inner exploration! Those words describe the process of SoulCollage. For me, it is a visual of my prayer time, a spiritually fun or serious — or both– way of taking an imaginary snapshot of my real self.

SoulCollage then gives a microphone to my visual and invites “me” to speak. I write down her/his words to me. It seems like I’m making this up — but I know I am not.

What I am hearing and seeing is an intuitive message, at any given time, soon after I have created the card (or the card has actually created itself before me). Then, later on I visit the card and, in the moment of silence I offer, the card begins anew and continues a conversation I am grateful to have.

The process of SoulCollage was founded by Seena B. Frost, M.Div. M.A., Marriage and Family Therapist, in the 1980s, after study with Jean Houston. It is a simple, creative process using work and play with images, imagination and intuition to gather insights about one’s personal and unique Soul and about how to become transformative  agents in the world.

There is now a vital community of thousands of Facilitators, teaching this process world-wide. I experienced my first SoulCollage workshop with Catherine Anderson in Charlotte NC. I will return to her gracious studio to train as a SoulCollage Facilitator to be able to enlarge this work/play in the world.

Dave - Soul Collage

This is my soul collage card that “breathes my heart”. I made it in Catherine’s workshop. It tells of the voyage I’ve had with my “big brother,” Dave who is now travelling in the misty paths of Alzheimers.

Dave is on the twilight journey of the canoe paddler, (or perhaps it is the dawning of a new morning experience of life). He is alone but not alone. There is the dandelion whiffs of memory within me of Dave holding his little sister secure in the flower of life, pulling the wagon with little sis in it, establishing a fulfilling brother-sister relationship through personal letter writing.

Toward the top of the card, the message  of the card is”heard and read” by me in the silence of completing the card.

The message I hear internally is that a candle will light his way now and the flame of my love accompanies him. I add a little chocolate for sweetness on the cobblestone path he walks within the disease. There will be peace within each of us as we give way to the path that is before us and that is ours alone to walk. But truly not alone. That is a message I needed to hear. It has shone light upon my path and it acknowledges for me that Dave’s path is blessed.

This soul card has given me great comfort as the distance between us grows and I look for the grace in aging. It is there. I must agree and sit within it. All is well in this world.

Catherine Anderson2Catherine Anderson


Catherine trained as a SoulCollage facilitator in 2004, offers trainings in Charlotte, and has trained facilitators in South Africa and India. “It never fails to amaze me at the discoveries that participants have when they allow themselves to follow their intuition and let images speak to them,” she says.

SoulCollage is an excellent process for people who think of themselves as “non-artists”.  Also for people who just “don’t get” meditation.

Engaging in this visual, quiet, respectful process and sitting in a respectful community of other person souls, the gift of the personal card appears before each one. It is then honored and celebrated at the completion of the project.

I am taking a 4 class on-line SoulCollage and FasterEFT course with Australian Karen Mann, who joyfully enlarges the practice of both of these systems.

Karen Mann


Between the first and second class, we students were to create our Soul Collage Cards from the Career/Business and Health/Fitness sections from her Wheel of Life.

The following are mine:

Best Health & FitnessHealth & Fitness

Answering: “Who are you?”

“I AM THE ONE who flies freely within you, an endless supply of joy. I am the One within the butterfly chrysalis who emerges on butterfly wings.  I AM THE ONE in grace and balance, freedom and beauty.  I AM the ONE who is the Truth of you. I AM THE ONE who is your rest and your big dreams. I AM THE ONE who gives birth to your creativity. I AM THE ONE within you who defies gravity. I AM THE ONE of sleekness and non-judgment.  I AM THE ONE who answers only to Joy and Love and Compassion. I AM THE ONE WHO fills you with those. I AM THE ONE who is whole and healthy and I AM THE ONE who celebrates that with deep gratitude.

WHAT I GIVE YOU is creative possibility and unquenchable Joy. I plant deep within you the sunflower seeds of light and the grace of flying to the moon with your grace and agility. I give you the acceptance of what is and the courage to heal and transform suffering and physical challenge. I teach you balance and enhance your awareness and intuition.

I WANT YOU TO REMEMBER all the ways in which you’ve nourished the essence of fitness and health within you. I WANT YOU TO APPRECIATE and CELEBRATE the courage you’ve built within yourself to continue to choose wisely and change in order to realize your health and shine your light of Truth and Creativity in your life. I WANT YOU TO ENJOY your good health  and TO BE OPEN to conscious expansion to become Universal Humanity”

Best - SouljournerCareer/Business

When I came to making my business SoulCollage card, I feared the image of the businesswoman suit showing up. Instead, what came was the whirling, young red-headed girl in the dress I love. She was on a card I had begun in Catherine’s class, but knew I had not completed.

When I found her again in my SoulCollage box, I knew it was time to complete her. The candles that light her way were already there, and she was headed into the Cosmos, which excited me.  The waterfall, looked a bit odd to me at the right hand corner but it nourished me and I had also already had that glued on the card.

The only thing I added was the logo from three of my work activities now: Souljourner at-Large, coming right from her heart area on her dress, my Prayer and Care Companion lotus, and the hands surrounding the heart from my Gentle Woman Reiki business card. The labyrinth turns of life was already embedded in my card and I acknowledge its wisdom and grace in my life’s landscape.

These are the activities and services that beat my heart and my breath. These are my business. These are my career and no business suit is required.

This is what my card spoke to me:

“I am the One in you who is Joy! I am One who leads you in a circular path of life and you can trust it. I am one with you who is your passion and purpose. I am the One who fuels your dreams and fulfills your desires. I am one who beats deep within you. I am One who IS yes to life and love.

I WANT YOU TO REMEMBER I am the One within you who is looking out into the Cosmos and yet serving people on Earth with love and compassion. I WANT YOU TO KNOW you are trustworthy of  the gifts and talents within you and that financial abundance lies within your willingness to serve as Souljourner at-Large…I WANT YOU TO CONTINUE offering this service in playful actions and not worry about the results. I want you to give up doubts and swirl with me into your future.

THE MESSAGE I HAVE FOR YOU TODAY is to enhance your inspiration by PLAYING rather than working your way through life.”

My SoulCollage cards are like instant self-help books. I see a life novel emerging from them.

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