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We are Vessels of the Divine

I listened in on Jan Phillip’s morning prayers and thoughts this morning. Lauds, by itself, is enough for a time-lapse meditation.  I can only add, “Amen” to this.

Jan Phillips – from No Ordinary Time (pages 126-127)
A Book of Hours for a Prophetic Age 


 I and the Beloved are One
With news as good as that
No one has to tell me twice to
Laugh out loud till I cry for joy.

We let go of the old to discover the new, as we let go of illusions to discover the real. The way to awareness is the way of subtraction, of letting go, one by one, of our fears, our doubts, our prejudices, our judgments, our inherited notions of how it should be, who deserves what, who is to blame. What’s happening is a result of our collective input. The morning headlines are the news that we are making as a whole human family, by what we do, and what we fail to do. Each one of us is a co-creator of the culture we are immersed in, and if we want to see change, we can make change by changing ourselves, our thinking and our destructive habits.

Blame is not useful. Polarization is not useful. Bitterness and negativity are not useful. What’s useful in these perilous times is deep thought and dialogue. What’s useful is a willingness to speak from our hearts, to say out loud what we hunger for, what we’re willing to live for, and what it is we can no longer abide. We are attendants at the wake of the old way, and each of us – through our actions, our thoughts, our work and relationships – is midwifing a new world into existence. This is our destiny, our meaning, our purpose, and when we come to our days with this awareness, when we sense the oak in the acorn of our beings, then we will have the energy to move mountains and shift the tides.

 …As individuals, the greatest courage that is called for is the courage to be real. When we are real, it melts the frozen places in ourselves and others. It opens the passageways between our hearts and our brains, thaws the blockages that constrain our imagination, and carries us down to our wellspring of wisdom. The solutions to our crises are already here. They exist in our relationships, in our stories, in our forgiveness, and it is through the expression of these things that we will one day live into the answers we seek.

Note: You may read the first three chapters of this book for free on  www.Janphillips.com

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