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Love Your Body

Do it! Love your body. It houses your soul.

“Clothe yourselves with love, which binds everything together in perfect harmony.”
Colossians 3:14

This was the scripture for today, Thursday, March 27, 2014 in my Unity Daily Word. The focus word is…..harmony.

And that instantly makes me think of my dear friend, Lauren Lane Powell. We have never met in person, but our spirits of harmony, respect, joy and suffering have been united for a long time.

Lauren Lane PowellLauren

Lauren lives the scripture passage in her life daily. A life that was almost lost to a most serious case of rare cancer during a struggle and test lasting more than two years.  She traveled, coped, took many big breaths of deep, deep courage, tasted the well of acceptance, letting go into whatever was to be.

And what was to be was………recovery and transformation. A treasured return to the love of her life….actually two loves of her life; her husband and her gift of singing, and more than singing. Healing through singing, and helping others do the same.

Getting back on the stage of both life and performance. Giving from her talents, her heart and the message that is hers to give.

Her message is one of HOPE AND HARMONY.

Lauren in Harmonies of Healing

Lauren Lane Powell

“I took myself on a interesting journey having arrived finally at perfect health, ” she states in her blog.

Lauren practices harmony, not only in her performances, but in her life. She lives, as she is called, not as she used to “pre-Canswer days”, but in respect for the new now of her life and her body and letting go of what used to be that is no longer needed.  Like a super-duper booked schedule of activities and demands. (Although her “light” schedule bodes fairly ambitious to the casual observer).

Let Go

Daily Word reminds us “In music, dissonance is resolved by moving to a consonant chord.” Even if we are not trained musicians, we can intimately be familiar with the feeling of discord  or lack of harmony in our own life.

Yet just as the musician can move her fingers to different keys on the piano to invoke the harmony needed, I can open my heart to God, surrender to the great presence of God within me and listen for inner guidance and direction.

Have I learned yet that as I let go of conflict, I find that every situation is a lesson in love?  With a mindful response and a willingness to do what is mine to do…forgive….let go…..or resolve …harmony is restored even if I now play in another key.  The highest good for all.

This takes effort…..gifts of grace…..and practice.  Ahh, practice. There is the key. It allows for mistakes and  “retakes”.   Much valued in my life.

Butterfly Simplify

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Dear God

Today, I admit, I was going to start a blog about a customer service incident I’d had earlier this morning and confess right up front that it was not an inspiring or uplifting tale but I’d tell it anyway.

Instead, I found myself surfing on my Facebook feed and found such an inspiring note that my pettiness of the morning flew right out the window.

Lauren Lane Powell is a lover, a dreamer, one who definitely inspires, a singer, a healer, a drop of love right upon your heart…and Lauren is a fighter!

Over the past year, she has been on the thin thread of a path between life and death, one that required much suffering, much bravery, much personal honesty, and a huge amount of surrender. She did all these things. She was all these things.

As she tangled with her disease, she sought the depths of understanding and union with her Source….she asked and received.  She gave and she was given to. She shared this painful and enlightening journey with us on her Facebook page.

She looked squarely at what was….and what might be…..and what might not be….and on all those paths she never lost herself. Her SELF was there waiting for her just beyond the victory line.

And for all her fight and courage, Lauren was given a large victory which she embraced. You could see her embrace in her light-filled eyes and her wide-angle camera smile which broke across her face. You could see her new-found energies, just as you could see her newly grown hair beginning to grace her once bald head.

At all stages of this journey, Lauren looked beautiful and she was beautiful. And as a normal, sustaining weight returns to her body, so does the voice that she serves so lovingly and faithfully from. So does the angelic music that pours forth from her crystal singing bowls just as the newborn chick comes forth from the egg.

Lauren is in her joy once again and returning to the work and play that she loves so well. The world is much better also,  healing in the same way that Lauren has healed over this long period of time.

One could say that the Earth is in critical shape. It needs critical, loving care to survive. Lauren steps into that challenge.  The Earth is relaxing. I can feel it now.

Lauren Lane Powell

My first event after my wonderful healing! I am so excited to be back in Knoxville!” – Lauren

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