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The sky is always a splendorous place and night time sky-gazing is an all to often forgotten treasure.  But when I do take the time to step into the night and spend a little time in the darkness, I am so richly rewarded for it.

I just saw this notice on my Facebook feed, so I am spreading the word that there will be some prime-time star-gazing and meteor spotting just ahead of us.

On Earth we have our problems. The intensity of wild-fires ravaging  our magnificent large green forests with accompanying destruction of many houses that people called homes.  That is suffering and loss that the indomitable spirit has to rebuild.

There are war-torn lands and peoples facing mass destruction, harm and death. Homes being uprooted and destroyed; children made instant orphans. We are experiencing droughts and floods throughout the world in increasing numbers, wearing our soils and waterbeds away.

In my country, there are political parties at war with each other, each trying to convince us, the Earth citizens, they have the “way out” and the right philosophy to get us headed back in the right direction — and there is no agreement on what that right direction is.

Maybe, as the skies are telling us, it is time to stand back, pause and …..look UP for a moment. Maybe our own compartmentalized view does not hold enough of the big picture. Maybe the big picture for humankind is much larger than a philosophy, a power, or an office.

A series of incredible, awe-inspiring sights has been made available to us just in this year alone. We viewed the solar eclipse. We witnessed the passage of the planet Venus closer to Earth than it has  ever been. Just a few days ago, we had the inspiring Blue Moon. Early Monday morning around 1:30 a.m. on  August 6, 2012,  the United States NASA team attempts to land a Rover on Mars.

There is true wonder in all of these events. Does Mother Earth want us to “get a grip on ourselves”? Is She telling us, as the old song said, “that’s the wonder….the wonder of YOU.”

If we felt more wondrous about ourselves, our loved ones and the world, would not more of this wonder be brought here on Earth, not just left to the stars?

I like to think so.

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