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Venus at Sunrise - David Cortner

This Tuesday or Wednesday, depending on where you live, sky-watchers around the world were able to see a cosmic spectacle known as a transit of Venus. The events are so rare that only six Venus transits have been observed since the invention of the telescope more than 400 years ago.

Transits happen when a planet crosses between Earth and the sun. Only Mercury and Venus, which are closer to the sun than Earth, can undergo this unusual alignment.

The last Venus transit was in 2004—above, the planet glides across the rising sun in a picture taken during the event from the North Carolina coastline. After 2012, we won’t see another transit of Venus until 2117.

I am not an astronomer  nor have I studied astronomy but I have done a lot of thinking lately about our Mother Earth as a beautiful creation of the cosmos.   Recently I came upon some photos taken from space and I share them with you to help you get the “perspective” of our “relative position” in life.

Rather than from the ground up, image us looking at ourselves from a space satellite or an inhabitant of the Space Station looking in on our daily activities.

Earth Day beautiful images of Earth picture: Antarctic Matusevich Glacier

Iceberg Nursery

Photograph courtesy EO-1/NASA and NASA Earth Observatory

In a 2010 satellite picture, the Matusevich Glacier calves new icebergs into an Antarctic channel, which cuts between the Lazarev Mountains and the Wilson Hills.

Earth Day beautiful images of Earth picture: the Tifernine Dune Field

Desert’s End

Photograph courtesy NASA via NASA Earth Observatory

In Eastern Algeria’s stretch of the Sahara, the Tifernine Dune Field—a section of the Grand Erg Oriental dune sea (see map)—meets the Tinrhert Plateau, as seen in a 2008 astronaut photograph.

Earth Day beautiful images of Earth picture: cloud vortices

Cloud Vortices

Photograph courtesy Terra/MODIS/NASA

Cloud vortices, or von Kármán vortices, create patterns in the sky near the Cape Verde Islands off northwestern Africa (see map). The vortices are caused by wind rushing over the islands. (Pictures: “New Cloud Type Discovered?”)

Earth Day beautiful images of Earth picture: Kilauea volcano in Hawaii

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