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Unused Christmas wrap is lined up to return to storage for next year. This year’s gifts have been inspiring and useful. I am thinking about the gifts of daily life — 363 of them so far with today’s and tomorrow’s waiting to be claimed.

Right after the New Year, I have my birthday on January 2, so I always look at it as two new years in a row. Last year I received a special birthday card from a friend. It said exactly what I wanted to gain and claim  for my life in 2010. I was so certain of it that I taped it in my journal, and checked it out every once in awhile and it seemed as though the words were indeed coming true for me. I gave thanksgiving for that card many times throughout the year. Here is what it said: 

Thinking of you on your birthday and wishing you

a little more joy than you’ve known so far,

More pleasure in being just who you are

A little more peace in your heart all year through

And always God’s love shining warmly on you. “

Now wouldn’t you like a year like that? I have felt all of those in abundance this year and it makes 2010 a very good year for me. In the early part of the year I made a New Life Covenant, and Tom did as well. We read and prayed those covenents nearly daily and they contained the intentions we each held for the year.

My intentions included: to live the scripture of “seeking first the Kingdom of God, revealing God’s abundant Glory and Power in my life, writing, teaching, and healing; being a blessing to family; including the Practice of the Presence in my prayer practices; reconnecting with my playful spirit (lighten up); move forward in a Christ-centered life, demonstrating  physical and financial health, and to express my life in the world as faith, love, joy and freedom in service to family and others.

This covenant was formed in a study group with others who attend our Monday night Christ-Circle prayer group. We stood witness to each one’s individual covenant, and as we met throughout the year, we heard testimony and witness to God’s movement in each of our lives, touched by financial uncertainty and various health and relationship issues. Our covenants stood firm in faith and action throughout the year. I give great thanks for that.

I focused on my intentions throughout the year and let the meaning of Luke 17:21 come through to me: “The Kingdom of God is within you.” That gave me cause to know, “I am good and I live and give the highest good.” I practiced fully opening to receive good, and only good, and to share that with others in thought, word and deed.

The year, a day at a time, went very well.  I am living life as a gift, and it gets a little easier to do that as age marches on and I know I’m on the shorter end of my timeline. That’s ok. It is what is in the day that matters.

I put prayer in my day, love and service, physical fitness practices, I give up on no one, I see the Divine in self and in all others, I have little or none left to forgive of myself or others, I live in freedom and the faith of provision by the all-loving God.

…”A little more joy”….. More than a little —so much with family this year, it overflowed!

…”More pleasure in being just who you are”….I’ve had a face-to-face with the inner critic, and we understand each other now, are on friendlier terms, and are changing the dialogue to a more peaceful expression. This has been a biggie throughout my life, and we’re in a “taming” mode with each other. I just happen to be…good enuff!

…”a little more peace in your heart “– Thank you God, yes, a LOT more peace, all year.

…”and always God’s love shining”…The greatest gift of all and when I feel it shining, it is so easy to give away…The gift that keeps on giving. Emmanuel, God with us.

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