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2014 Courage & Passion

I Am One on fire with courage and sacred purpose. I Am One who explodes in excitement and passion. I Am One who companions you through the history of time. I Am One who is your butterfly of co-creation and transformation. I bring you through difficult passages safely and wisely.

I Am the Determined One. I Am One who sees and brings forth goodness.

I want you to know that the wonder of you exceeds the number of all the sands of the earth and your beauty compares with the gemstones of all eternity.

I want you to remember your strength within is founded in the rock-solid minerals of the earth created through the fiery explosion and union of Spirit and humankind.

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“Lucidity has varying measures of shine and each day spent pursuing the passion of craft is brilliant in its own way.”  Maryanne Radmacher

I received two exciting writing prompts today. One leads to the creation of uniting three to four artists/writers/ creative spirituality leaders for an energetic workshop weekend later this year. The creators, including myself, are definitely passionate about their craft.

The other prompt came from Maryanne Radmacher’s book, Live with Intention,,,, rediscovering what we deeply know.  I’m considering buying her most recent book about leaning forward in life, but I pulled this “old-faithful” off the shelf for a quick read after my quiet time this morning.

I came directly to a short discourse on: do what you love.

I love to write. I do write. I am passionate about writing and not stopping writing.  Napkinwriter gives me the opportunity to create quickly in the “now”….what’s happening in my world, or even the “now” of my memories and share them in a quick discourse.

But in this short section on writing, Radmacher addresses the “craft” side of this creative venture. She says, “A writer writes. Everyday. It is the work, the practice of the craft. Edit. Sculpt phrases. Cross out words. Replace words or eliminate them. Hold sentences to the light, turn them, confirm balance. When the words sparkle, put them back and move on.

That is the work, consistently.

The trick she says, and I well know this, is to embrace the ordinary, lovingly each day on its own dependable merit. Then you discover that the ordinary invites the extraordinary.

The luminous moment appears from the everyday, ordinary day. This is true, not only for the writer, but for anyone who approaches the ordinary day in open expectation. The day is mostly filled with familiar roads, but every now and then, the road leads across an incandescent crossroad that unmistakeably lights up  and transforms their life.

 We might think of this as practicing the “craft of life.”

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