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What to Do For a “Lighter You”

October 14, 2010http://worldhealingnetwork.wordpress.com/2010/10/14/lighteryou/?blogsub=confirming#blog_subscription-2
Cindi Oriente – World Healing Network
Napkinreaders, enjoy this writing created by Cindi at the World Healing Network. I just finished a global time of praying for and giving Reiki worldwide to those on their healing list and others who I know to have healing needs.
The following writing sums up a guaranteed peaceful way to be in our world and as I practice these things, I get deeper and deeper into a pool of peace, which is more and more often not able to be disturbed by circumstances in my own or others’ lives.

In these times of great change and accelerated energy there are many steps you can take and ideas you can embrace that will help you not only cope, but thrive. This requires that you release outdated, fear-based thoughts, beliefs and emotions to make way for a new, higher-frequency, love-based reality.

Here are ten things you can do to become a “lighter you”:

Commit to your evolution 

Dedicate yourself to personal evolution, and cultivate a relationship with yourself that is loving, patient and without judgment. Acknowledge that you are powerful, and that your thoughts, coupled with the heart energy, can create any reality you dream of. Be aware that your energy extends well beyond your physical body, and that you have the ability to affect the world around you simply by your presence, so you make the choice to live consciously and responsibly.

Choose love

Remember that there are two basic emotional expressions–love and fear–and that at any given moment each of us is either in a state of giving and receiving love or in a state of fear, calling out for love. Moment to moment, as often as possible, make the love choice.

Acknowledge your important role

Realize that you are involved in a great period of spiritual awakening, and that you can be a facilitator in this exciting shift in consciousness and heightened awareness by being a living love-example. Every moment offers an opportunity to serve in some way, even if simply by being an example of unconditional love through your words, thoughts and actions. By doing so, you inspire others to do the same.

Be compassionate

Live with compassion and tolerance for all individuals and paths, even if you do not choose them for yourself. Understand that all paths eventually lead one back to their Source, no matter how they appear to our physical eyes.

Take time to be still

Give your mind and body a rest. Meditation not only relieves stress and creates balance, but in moments of silence you are more likely to perceive the messages of Spirit. A simple way to get started is to sit or lie down in a peaceful place and focus on your breathing. What can result is a greater sense of well-being, feelings of love and serenity, new insights, a solution to a problem, etc.

Be here now

Be willing to focus more on the present moment and relinquish attachment to the past or future. When you focus on what’s happening right here and now your creative energy is more fully available to handle every situation with love, clarity and personal power.

Take responsibility

Shift from any tendency towards a victim mentality into personal responsibility for each and every moment of your life. Know that all the experiences you have attracted into your life are purposeful and have the potential for positive meaning and growth.

Consider forgiveness

If there is anyone from your past that you are angry with, consider forgiveness. Anger drain’s one’s energy–it’s a lower, heavier frequency. Forgiveness is for your own benefit. It does not mean you condone the negative acts of another–it simply frees you to get on with your life in a way that is loving and unencumbered by past hurts.

Stay peaceful

Maintain serenity and a sense of balance in the face of the negative illusions within physical reality, including the presence of suffering. Realize that underlying all aspects of the physical world are the essence of love and the presence of peace. Even behind suffering is a Divine plan.

Let love lead you

Be willing to allow your heart intelligence to be your guide, and surrender the human mind to the heart-mind.

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