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This image comes from my 1992 Inner Reflections Calendar Journal from the Self-Realization Fellowship Society of Paramahansa Yogananda. I kept journals in these booklets of exceptional photography and quotes from the Yogi for many years.

This is the Tiger King, fully present, alert and relaxed in knowingness. Not relaxed because he is lazy but because he is awakened and peaceful and fully possessing himself, his power and his presence.

His eyes are a challenge of magnificence and purpose. His furry countenance, a coat of beauty and regalness.

His environment is a light coat of freshly fallen snow upon his face and body. He is the Siberian tiger and he knows it. The photograph was taken by Tim Shuda at the Philadelphia Zoo in Pennsylvania.

In the musical hit, Lion King,  I love the line — “Why can’t he be the King I know he is, the King I see inside?” —   in the song, “Can You Feel the Love Tonight?”

Power and love come to us from others who are able to see the King or Queen  in us during the times we cannot see it for ourselves. The times we doubt we are up to the task, yet another encourages us with their own confidence in us. We can fake it till we make it, but having someone recognize the goodness and ability we possess gives us a little lead into the unchartered waters of our being where believing can become seeing.

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