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Venus Rising Tonight

The change of seasons has painted a palet of more than pleasing sky and landscapes during September and October. The dangers of texting have been more than pointed out — they have been ticketed as an illegal activity to do while driving. Lately, I’ve been thinking the distractions of the autumnal changes are at least as dangerous to this driver as she tries to keep her eyes and attention on the road. There are just so many other visuals calling my name. I need to be the rider, not the driver.


While I may not be out on an official photography “shoot”, I bump into many regrets often when I have left my camera behind.

Misty Morning - Christine (Disney)

This photo was not taken by me , Christine DeCaesare was overpowered by the early Michigan morning view, having returned “home” after living many years in California. She shared this photo on Facebook and we are fortunate she took this majestic image. Do we not love the Earth we live on!

Morning glory
Linda Wilson, in Austin Texas also often shares her walk in her flower gardens with me. They are a melodious symphony all on their own.


Lake Michigan is surely part of Pure Michigan. Tom and I celebrated our 48th anniversary with a lunch in South Haven and a leisurely walk on the pier, watching one of the famed Tall Ships (this one from England) depart from the channel.



This just spells A D V E N T U R E, pirates or not.


Brenda Horton shares phenomenal photography at her blog,  bree1972.wordpress.com/‎ and stories galore of her and husband Ted’s daily life on Mackinac Island, the island where they have owned a condo for many years.  Her gorgeous golden, Bear and his companion Maddie have quite the life too, splitting time between Georgia and the vacationland northern Michigan island.


I took lots of photos on my 12 day tour through the European Alps and the countries of Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and Liechenstein. I think about 1,500 in all. Again, no lack of inspiration and gazing from along paths we traveled or inside the bus as we traversed great distances. Oh, how I loved capturing so many moments through my lens. Pictures are worth a thousand words.



IMG_0800Childrens Festival in Innsbruck

IMG_0755Coming down from high, high places – Zugspitze

But I also take my camera out into my own back yard for simple walks, and there is beauty everywhere just waiting to be seen.

10-10--13 Labyrinth leaf trailDeck Petunias 2013

Turtle closeup

Welcome visitors and views of neighboring borders and sunsets.

Turtle from deck


aug 30


10-10-13 Fallen Leaf's shining glory

Now, I will just step out my front door and show you what awaits my camera there.


A hot air balloon floats overhead and lands nearby.



A rainbow graces the early evening sky.

IMG_2276 Floral arrangements mark the changing seasons.

Sept 2013

And the perfect pumpkin arrives to greet our fall visitors.

Perfect Pumpkin

My camera and I are one — I find many ways to mix words and photos to inspire myself and others. Behind the camera I am “somewhat out of time” yet definitely in the moment, united with the image I am focusing upon. I was blessed to have been a feature photographer for many of my professional writing years. But I have been a photographer at heart since the seventh grade, when I received one of the two greatest gifts ever — a box Kodak Brownie Hawkeye camera with one of those stinky flash bulbs. I started recording right then my life, family and friends in black and white from elementary school age, into the age of color, through the Poloroid era, into the professional cameras and then into  digital.

Not an expert, but enough of a fan to have an awful lot of fun and a ton of moments wrapped up in image making and story telling. Somewhere deep within me is the DNA of photojournalism and I love it.

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I don’t collect great art but I do appreciate it when I get to look at it. Black and white photography inspires me. Watercolor amazes me and makes me want to pick up a brush.

I discovered I have many unused pads of art paper and also some sizable pieces of expensive watercolor art paper that are left over from my initial attempts to form some images on paper about fifteen years ago from a couple of expert instructors. I don’t know if my watercolors are any good this late in the game, but as I moved them once more, I vowed to use some “dream-time” up in putting some color on paper, just for the fun of it.

I love photography and I moved all my family records and my contemplative photography along with me to our new home. “Someday”, when I’m not painting or writing or teaching or doing Reiki healing, I want to team those photographs up with Scripture verse or my own writing and create “On Holy Ground” greeting cards.

Then there are those journals. Years and years of journals! I understand I can “harvest” those and replant new seeds from ideas scrawled in time to make a future field of enjoyable prose or poetry.

All of these things, I thought about as trip after trip these materials waited their turn to be lifted, carried, and transported to a new safe place of storage by me. I easily have twenty-five years of ways I can entertain myself with these and my multitude of stored computer files. I can’t afford to wait for rainey days, there is too much fun to be had.

But it is the pictures on the wall that I delay taking down until absolutely necessary I find I’ve been consistent with in changing locations. And then the new search, for just the right spot, for just the right image. Some are family records, but many are special images I’ve had with me for many years.

I’ve never gone out to purchase new decor when we move. I just bring what already speaks to me and find its new place on the wall. I realize the images really speak to me, support me and give me joy in being in my dwelling and I truly realize I am very aware of their presence in my life. They “fill me up”.

I’m always a little sad when one needs to be put aside, that it just doesn’t fit. But I usually get 90% on display again. I look at the bare walls of our new home and they will stay bare until my pictures and I have some discussions and temporary placings. When it is right, I will know it.

Four year old granddaughter Amy gets a desk space in my new creative room and I’ve found two of my water colors from years ago. One of Winnie the Pooh in Hundred Acres Woods, I painted for now 16 year old Devon when she was a toddler. And another special one of  “little Sue” dancing on a rainbow. I never framed either one. Now I will and I will hang them above Amy’s table and put a cork board below them for her creations.

That is the only spot I have figured out so far.

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