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I confesss. I did exactly what the author asked the reader NOT to do as I finished chapter one in her book.

In the last paragraph of the first chapter of Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor’s “My Stroke of Insight” she said she realized the reader was eager to begin reading her personal account of the morning of her stroke, which would begin in chapter 4.

 But she asked us to not skip over chapters 2 and 3 where she gives a user-friendly scientific and biological areview of the brain so the reader can understand the anatomy underlying her cognitive, physical and spiritual experiences.  

And I must say the cognitive, physical AND spiritual experiences are more than a WOW factor. I know, because, I skipped right over chapters 2 and 3 and read all of the rest of the book before coming back to get my physiology lessons from Dr. Jill. I will be sharing some of those in another post.

But honing in on some of the science she presents in these two chapters, several facts and stats caught my attention and here is one of them.

In the history of the cosmos, she states  “the emergence of life was a most remarkable event.” (italics mine). That is to say, let’s not just take this for granted.  I do remember we had to memorize a lot of biological terms in 10th grade biology class. One of them was the amoeba, the single cell organism from which evolution began as it could divide and multiply into larger cell organisms.

“With the advent of the single-celled organism, a new era of information processing was born at the molecular level….manipulation of atoms and molecules into ADNA and RNA sequences, information became entered, coded and stored for future use.”

“Moments in time no longer came and went without a record, and by interweaving a continuum of sequential moments into a common thread, the life of the cell evolved as a bridge across time.” (italics, hers)

“Before long, cells figured out ways of hanging together and working together, which finally produced you and me.”

As a neuroanatomist professional at the PhD level, she sees Earth’s molecular brain of DNA as a powerful and successful genetic program, not only because it adapts to constant change, but also because it expects, appreciates and takes advantage of opportunities to tranform itself into something even more magnificent.

Dr. Bolte Taylor does not claim that humans are direct descendants from our treeswinging friends, but it does emphasize that the genius of our molecular code is supported by eons of nature’s greatest evolutionary effort. She sees our human code,” not as a random act, but rather that it is better construed as nature’s ever-evolving quest for a body of genetic perfection.”

FACT: “As members of the same human species, you and I share all but 0.01% (1/100th of 1%) of identical genetic sequences. So, biologically, as a species, you and I are virtually identical to one another at the level of our gene (99.99%.

Looking around at the diversity within our human race, it is obvious that 0.01% accounts for a significant difference in how we look, think, and behave.”  (italics, mine)   

Most of my big life lessons have been in how I  “look”, “think” and “behave”.  In the area of discord and angst alone, my acts “behave(iors) come from thoughts (“think”) often misaligned, from perceiving appearances (“look”) in a false reality.  All those things I’ve worked so hard to correct,  like “change your thinking, change your life”, be willing to turn to non-judgment rather than blame over how things look, etc, …There are so many trails I have traveled here, and this statistic tells me it amounts to  0.01%  of how my makeup is different from anyone else’s.  Amazing!

Wouldn’t you think from this, we are DNA destined for peace among all? If our species anatomical sameness amounts to 99.9% of who we are, how is it we don’t seem to have a foothold on a peace pattern that holds strong in our individual lives and spans across the globe  that recognizes human justice and equality of all.

And if this is in our DNA, and evolution is the natural way of seeking species perfection, then it must be true that we will persist and require change on all levels, biological, emotional, spiritual, until we “get there.”

My own brain took an opportunity to change itself into something more magnificent over twenty years ago.  I will give you the quick version.

At an eye exam, I was overdue for, the examining doctor who happened to be my daughter, quickly discovered a stroke had occurred on the back of my retina. I was referred instantly to an opthalmologist who diagnosed the stroke had occurred and the normal treatment was eye surgery, but not possible because of the placement of the stroke.

My vision in that eye went from near 20/20 to 20/200 and he prescribed a prism type eyeglass for that eye and said we would have to rely on the body to heal the eye as much as it could on its own hoping to get back to 20/40 as a best to hope for scenario.

My eye healed over time back to near 20/20 and has presented no problems since.

As a followup and a bigger lump to swallow, my doctor did an MRI as a baseline reading to have from the time of the eye episode. I received a fairly traumatizing result of finding a tumor on the pituitary gland of my brain, near the brain stem. It was heading right into the optic nerve and would cause blindness if not prevented from growing.

So all this gets pretty personal as I study the diagrams in Taylor’s book, and I am whispering many thank you’s to all the parts that went on to show their magnificence.

The crowning glory is that I healed totally and completely, to the disappearance of the tumor itself (shunk itself up and returned to the “nothingness from which it came” as I proclaimed in my active prayer life).

I was one day away from scheduled surgery, when the change in plans happened. The surgery had been postponed for two weeks due to a staph infection they found in pre-op testing. During that time,  a friend alerted me that I had the same type of brain tumor her husband had and she wanted me to see that surgeon before I went ahead. Two other friends did not “advise” me but shared information with me that caused me to listen to my intuitive self (right brain), and go to Ann Arbor to be advised there.

I went and one test they did gave me the chance to delay surgery, use a drug and see if the tumor would shrink without surgery. Everything happened amazingly fast. I took only 1/4 of the amount of drug they wanted me to take, yet continued with Reiki, Reflexology, Holistic Healthy living, changed some stressed-out situations, and they took MRI’s sooner than expected because blood tests showed dramatic changes.

I was soon out of danger and continued MRIs over a couple of years. Eventually,   the specialist wrote on my report, “There is no evidence of the tumor, not even on the floor of the brain. The tumor is gone.”

He, the endocrinologist,  also remarked to me after not having seen me for a year, “You are not the same sick woman who sat here a year ago. There’s nothing I’ve done to explain the difference in you. What have you done?”

I admitted I didn’t have a full answer, told him what I knew I was doing that was good for me. But perhaps it is my magnificent, smart, spectacular bodily cells who should have been proclaiming their awesomeness, their ability and their agreement amongst themselves to “pick themselves up, dust themselves off, and start all over again”  for they surely did.

As Dr. Jill says, ““Before long, cells figured out ways of hanging together and working together.”

 Am I forever grateful? Yes! Do I know in cat terms, I could be on a couple of my extra lives? Yes!  Am I determined to live them with joy rooted deeply in my heart and open to the wonders within and around us? Yes. Yes. Yes!

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These two words — ease and grace — sounded in what I thought to be a most unusual place for me to hear them, but maybe not. I was getting a “hold-over” to next appointment with my cranio-sacral and accurpressure, reflexologist practitioner.  She, as she worked near my side thoracic muscles asked me to “forgive and release with ease and grace” anything I no longer needed to hang onto, and current and family ancestor issues came to mind.

Love was the feeling and tears were the immediate result with a pain in the heart, not the knee which has been presenting a problem to my mobility. I have two brothers and a sister-in-law experiencing difficult physical problems and I am at an arm’s length distance to be of any help with this ongoing challenge. I wish to do and be more for them. I do what I can in my prayer and Reiki healing gift and hold out for the Highest Good, knowing it truly does surround them.

The words, “ease and grace” though surprised me yesterday at that juncture, so I am applying them to my physical self. They are big in my spiritual concepts and work. In fact, in one of my regular spiritual readings from  Unity’s Daily Word, the word for Sunday, Oct. 16 and Mon. oct. 17 were Grace (Sun) and Ease (Mon).

On that Sunday, we went to the Open House of the house that was to become ours. On Monday, Oct. 17 the word was Ease and I wrote on the page, “I accept our new home”. and “We found our new home today.”

That day we began conversations and number crunching activities that moved us into our new home on Dec. 3, less than two months later. Using all resources we had to obtain the home, the mover even provided the truck and two men to move us into the home.


I am trying to change a tendency I’ve had for a long time — and that is to either make things hard on myself or harder than they have to be. I’ve made great progress with this but know it is still an error in my flesh.

Today, I see grace and ease working in my life and I open the door to let Spirit express in me in wise and wonderful ways. I call on wisdom and understanding as I realize the innate divinity within me.  That is the mystery I contemplate now.

I am hoping that as ease and grace continue to fill my life and I give into it, that I take inspired action (and thoughtful contemplation) and sow the seeds of more good upon the earth, enjoying the act of co-creation along the way.

I see others doing this. I can do this too.

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Tomorrow, at 1 pm, as a Reiki Healing Master, I meet alone and quietly with the World Healing Network of Reiki Master Cindi Oriente, and offer my quiet prayer and Reiki Healing Energy to all who have requested it on her website and for my own intentions and persons dear to my heart as well.

As a Reiki Practitioner, the most important thing I can do is to practice Reiki daily for myself and others. On Sundays, I have the opportunity to join in connection with a web of practioners all over the world to affect our lives and our world for good.

I am blessed to do this.

Below is a reprint from Cindi’s home page of World Healing Network.  I have been especially focused over the past few years to……FIND LOVE and not find fault. It is such a better way to go! And now I have a track record to encourage it which continually brings more good into my life.

Here are some, not only uplifting thoughts, but some tried and proven ways to make things just…….a little bit better.

As I spend time in my Reiki practice tomorrow, I will agree that each of us are made up of atoms of love, the same atoms that fire up the universe and that for today, each of us gives of the energy that is connective and unifying and peaceful.

The 12 Principles of Attitudinal Healing

The essence of our being is love.
Health is inner peace, healing is letting go of fear.
Giving and receiving are the same.
We can let go of the past and of the future.
Now is the only time there is, and each instant is for giving.
We can learn to love ourselves and others by forgiving 
rather than by judging.
We can become love finders rather than fault finders.
We can choose and direct ourselves to be peaceful inside, 
regardless of what is happening outside.
We are students and teachers to each other.
We can focus on the whole of life, rather than the fragments.
Since love is eternal, change need not be viewed as fearful.
We can always perceive others as either extending love or giving a call for help.

Learn more about these principles at Jerry Jampolsky’s website
he is one of my absolute favorite authors of all time..  



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Her ways are ways of gentleness and all her paths are peace.” 

As a Usui Reiki Master, I give and teach a natural healing method you can do for yourself anytime, anywhere. It comes from the Japanese spiritual and holistic healing tradition and has been practiced in Japan and the United States and around the world since the early 1900s.  The tradition, for a long time, was passed on to another verbally and Reiki practitioners receive “attunements” into Level I, II, or Reiki Master & Master Teacher from another Master who comes from the line of Mikeo Usui, the founder of the healing practice.

One can learn much today from books and the internet about Reiki, but the passing on of the Reiki Universal Life Force powers of healing comes from the hand of another Reiki Master.

Beside the universal desire for love, the two other things I’ve wanted in life were good health and personal, all-abiding peace within. In my search for these, I walked many paths, dipped into many wells of knowledge and wisdom and I’ve had a wide variety of experiences that brought either suffering or healing.

And I guess I would add balance to my life-long “wanted” list for happiness. This explains the draw of Reiki into my life. If Reiki is about one thing- it is most certainly about balancing the body/mind/spirit for the highest good. That includes balancing your physiology and this impacts how you experience your life positively.

When I give a Reiki treatment to a person (hands above or gently on a fully-clothed person), two experiences are common and shared by anyone I treat.  First, they experience an intense heat penetrating where ever my hands are placed above or on them; second, they go into a deep relaxation — deeper than shivasana, experienced at the end of a yoga session. 

As a Reiki practitioner, I am doing nothing but acting as a vessel for the Universal Life Force to do its healing of the person on whatever level they need it; spiritual, emotional, physical. The person in deep relaxation is actually drawing the Reiki healing power into their being, I am not “sending” it.

When, as a Reiki Master, I give a Level I attunement, to another person, they now have the Reiki Power, to self-treat or treat others in their presence; Level II, is a higher attunement for Distance Healing and like “Prayer Sent” the energy of Reiki can be sent out over the world for the healing of persons or the planet. A person requesting Master Attunement experiences Reiki as a Calling, and wants to bring more Reiki into the world throught treatments and attuning new practitioners.

Like the popular phrase in the Star War Series, “The Force is with you,” you can be sure It truly is — Reiki just plugs it in and lights it up!

Reiki has gone to bat for me in the healing of emotional disturbance, soulful direction and on the physical plane where you can see it: heart surgery and not only the healing but the disappearance of a brain tumor without surgery and about 1/4 of the drugs they originally ordered.

Cats love Reiki! I’ve had them dash out from hiding and come lay under my Reiki table when I am giving another person a treatment. They stretch out long and expose their belly (the cats). If I put my Reiki hands on their furry belly, I’m afraid they are going to break their purring machine!

Reiki helps me stay rooted just in today. It reminds me by its principles to strive for and surrender to kindness and honesty, to let go of stress and worry, and to be mindful of my blessings.

When I am out of balance and not able to relax or respond to others in kindness, I suffer. I don’t like to suffer. When I include a self-treatment of Reiki for myself in my morning spiritual practice, my day goes better me and for others I come in contact with.

Reiki is one of the wondrous practices that came to me as one of the results of my search for good health, happiness and a support of my spirituality. Reiki is here to be shared.

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