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Well, I had to take action. I had to do something. This “retired” stuff gives me too many choices. To do or not to do, that is too often the question.

So many things, I don’t have to do. Only if I choose. Many more things, I can do….only I can do them….later!  Or not.

It was coming to the point, I couldn’t tell if I am retired or refired. I have lots of energy and way too many things I want to do. Oh the choices. Then there are some things I still really need to do. They should fit in somewhere, sometime, someday, probably now or maybe later.

There are brisk, brief episodes of pure productivity. Then I have intermittent “sit-a-spell” moments, that turn into hours. And when is the right time to do all the reading I love to do? The writing I must do?

Facebook and blog time are in a category all by themselves. I allot them short times throughout the day, yet often get up with a bum feeling “bum” for having overstayed my welcome in the computer chair. One thing just seems to lead to another, click, click, click.

So the action I took over a week ago was to (ye gods!) institute a schedule on my day once again. Do you remember the sing-song from Hide ‘n Seek,  “Ready or not, here I come” ?

That’s what a scheduled life feels like to me now. My schedule is not like my old time Planner, I carried for too many years, with appointments and reminders stuffed in every little space available. No, my “Retired AND Refired” schedule has lots of spaces available in it and a gentle list of “what’s up” noted in some generous time parameters.  And my critical voice within has settled down quite a bit and seems to go with the flow with much less opinionated, negative self-worth jabs freely offered. For this, I am grateful.

So my schedule is not shouting at me…..It is just more of a check-in for me to hit the major stuff. And it is flexible, after all…a gal can always change her mind. Also, no staff meetings are involved, whew!

And I can always write the words,  play…, walk…, or your choice!… on any of the lines for the day. That seems ok.

One thing that changed my way of life (or what it had become) with this schedule is that I don’t give myself free choice to sleep in. I get up by an alarm clock at the specified earlier time before breakfast preparation time for my quiet time soul writing and contemplative prayer.

This I love, rather than dread, as I thought I would.

My first prayer greeting of the day is, “Good Morning, Spirit! What are WE going to do today?”

Now, I ask you, how do you schedule a day like that! There are always spontaneous surprises. But two weeks into this, I am loving it.

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