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Just reminding myself that life is good…with images that please me.

I am Journey Girl and I open to the blessings in my life.



And I do see it, more and more.

So blessed to be with my friend on this trip in the Alps in 2013.

So blessed by my path, even when I don’t know where it leads.


Praying in gratitude for my good friend, Lois. Seeing her in comfort as many ways as she can, and even rooting for Notre Dame, her favorite team.


We are indeed, encouraged.

I see God’s glory all around us, and


My taste buds are enhanced in the goodness of life.

My heart gives thanks.

and He knows my name.


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Scripture talks in many verses about the eyes. For instance, it does say that if the eye is healthy, the body is healthy. It also says that our eyes are the windows to our soul.

How true that is. It is in the eyes, you can first tell how a person is feeling. I love smiling eyes! I see them before I see the smile on the mouth often. Dancing eyes give off a twinkle and raises the energy around the person. When a person is not feeling well, it shows in their eyes quickly.

Eyes communicate directly with another – without words they can issue a command not to be taken lightly; like a lighthouse they show forth hope and promise to one who needs to be uplifted; when energy is drained, they are the message-bearer that one needs a respite.

Our daughter, Laura, is a Doctor of Optometry. She has served the health of people’s eyes for over twenty-one years now in the practice she started with fresh out of Optometry School.

She is wonderfully happy and blessed in the health profession she has chosen. So are her faithful returning patients over two decades of eye-care. Several of them show their appreciation in delightful ways. She has also been credited with some sight-saving emergency care and referrals of immediate need patients. Her expertise in contact care and cataract attention is known throughout the profession.

Yesterday at the end of a long week, Laura received a gift cake, beautifully decorated in autumn motif colors from a patient. It was from her favorite bakery for cakes. The patient was returning after she had been there on the day the office was celebrating her 21st year, so she just added some extra days on the cake.  She is also the gracious recipient of chocolate from Germany. I think that is pretty special when a patient thinks of their eye doctor while “across the pond.”

Dr. Laura enjoys a community-setting and comadarie among her office staff workers. They have festive brunches on special occasions, and “tailgaters” at the office when big game days are at hand. And pretty great parties offsite too.

It is pretty easy to remember the day she came home from school and said she had seen a health film and she knew what she wanted to be. I think she was in the eighth grade. She wanted to be an optometrist and take care of and heal people’s eyes.

She never changed that idea from the time she had it. We found ourselves quite quickly in the library searching the Optometry Schools in the country. She  focused immediately on Ferris State University School of Optometry in Big Rapids Michigan. So she enrolled in undergraduate school there and the studies began……

We had lots of fun with both daughters as they both chose colleges just north of us, and our second daughter marched in the Central Michigan Band in Mount Pleasant. So for awhile, we put a lot of weekend tire rubber on the road and miles on our car as they both pursued their scholastic and professional dreams. Lots of dorm and house furniture moving, football games, and concerts and it was great being part of it all.

Laura was in school for a  L   O   N  G    time; it seemed like it to her. She did one internship at an Air Force base up north on the eastern shores of Michigan. Then she relished an internship in Lexington, Kentucky where she had been born. She continues to hold an optometry certificate in Kentucky, for you never know when the bluegrass might call to her once again.  We enjoyed giving a party for her in Lexington at the end of her internship, with both our own friends from our first family days in Lexington plus many of hers too.

We saw our “little girls” and their “little friends” all grown up entering the now generation of profession and family.

Laura worked several years before meeting Carl, the love of her life, and a little down the timeline after that, she completed this love with the birth of their daughter, Amy, who is about to celebrate her 5th birthday in a week or so.

This is the good life….good being done…..good being received….good being shared. All this good warms both her parents’ hearts.

A visit to Dr. Mommy at work with grama & dziadzia
usually means a ride on the caroulsel.

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