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We are all familiar with Meals on Wheels that runs throughout the United States, helping the homebound with meals delivered to their door. Now, thanks to Brenda Horton, summer (actually part of spring and fall too) resident with her husband Ted, on Michigan’s beautiful vacation Mackinac Island, she keeps us up to date on what’s happening in the North even when she is comfortably living her second parallel universe life in her beloved Southern Georgia lake home.

Below, she reports there is a Food program that actually runs on the Island via snowmobile. I find that fascinating and energetic.

“I absolutely love that there is a Meals on Snowmobiles program during the winter on the Island.  Every Tuesday and Thursday over 40 hot meals are delivered to senior citizens who are year-round Island residents.  If snow covers the ground, the meals are delivered  by snowmobile.  This winter, however, with snow not being very plentiful, the meals have been delivered at times by a fire department truck.  The meals are prepared by John Cadotte, who has been a chef on the Island,  and Tom Boburka, who is an artist and cooks at Sinclair’s Irish Pub and other restaurants. Island volunteers help with the delivery of the meals, and at least once a week children from the island school make deliveries, helping them stay connected to the older members of the community.  The program is funded by Ste. Anne’s Church, with support from the Mackinac Island Community Foundation. ” (Story source:  The Mackinac Island Town Crier) via Bree’s blog.

Second to note is an early start of the Arnold ferry system to the island because of our less than usual cold winter. However, we are not yet ready to start packing our bags! We will not be running to catch a ferry anytime soon.

Thanks, Brenda.

Starry Night over Mackinac Island, Michigan
from Bree’s Mackinac Island Winter Update Blog

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