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I am very excited about an email I just received. It is from one of the evolutionary leaders involved in Barbara Marx Hubbard’s  “The Shift & Birth 2012 & Beyond” course I am taking. This person presented how important AND powerful it is to simply tell our own story and “get it out there” — to mix with others in the whole wide world and place ourselves here at this time in this place as part of our purpose and passion.

She was backing Barbara’s insistence to unite our personal story with the whole grand and sacred story of the 14.5 billion year old story of creation, appreciate the grandness of our own true essence and recognize and then live our story of purpose and intentionality for the good of all.

Here were two important leaders talking about the POWER of personal story — on the call in session, I could not refrain,  from telling a bit of my experience with encouraging and helping people write their stories for I know a few things about this and I am PASSIONATE about the purpose of telling story.

That was what happened in my workshops of the 1990s, entitled “Write NOW!  The real purpose of these workshops was not to “make” someone “into” a writer, but to have a person experience the feeling of automatic writing coming from their heart. I guided the class with theme, poetry, movement, sharing, and above all “quiet time” and then the writing proceeded.

Over the course of several years, this always produced amazing and personal results for the participants — something very meaningful for them to take home with them; either a new commitment to employ writing in their life as a spiritual tool of self-revelation and guidance; the intent to add more quiet time to their life; a deeper love for the sense of who they were; a meaningful community sense, not only with others, but with the union of the divine within themselves, and a more likely possibility that they may continue to seek that out.

All of those things probably continued to happen in some form, not only on paper for them, but in their daily lives as they lived them and that was the important thing.

I’ve been busy forming some new workshops. I hope to find homes for them this fall as a central part of a purpose that has emerged as important in my life. Within the next week, I intend to start talking to those who might host them and also form small groups within my own home on a regular basis.

So, here is an inquiry to me that will unfold its possibility within the near future. Something new coming into being. Getting to this point has seemed to me to be a slow and gradual conscious partnership of study, prayer, journaling, and creative exploration with God and my inner voice and intuitive self.

I’ve made life covenants, and live according to them. I’ve created intention mandalas, which seem to keep me on a course where I feel my joy and excitement. And I continue to live life as it presents itself to me. Yet I am not really certain where all of this is heading. But two of the paths I remain on are the roads of Passion and Purpose. I live daily life, freely giving where I can the gifts of love, healing and the sense of Possibility, in a hectic world that would like to take any of us down lots of other roads.

Trusting God as my Source seems to be a simple but completely effective plan for living. It removes negative dependence and anxiety from my life, as I continue to affirm that God’s Provision is alive in my life. My job is to listen for how this provision comes and what is my part to do in it.

Teaching, in some way, has always been some part of this provision.And I’ve done it in a variety of ways all through my life.  I just reviewed a few of my materials and handouts for WriteNow! and the topic of possibility catches my attention.

I believe these words come from a Unity writing source but it talks about us knowing that we are allowed to “catch the bus”!

Chasing the bus may include clearing away the wreckage of our negative patterning (This is called Repatterning in our Shift Course), clarifying the vision of what it is we really want and are  (vocational arousal and Emergence are Hubbard’s  terms today for that) and learning to accept small pieces of that vision from whatever souce it identifies itself.

Then presto, one day, the vision seems to suddenly be in place.

In other words, run as fast as you can and pray to catch the bus! Be “causal” and put into action and bring forth that “which seems to want to be born through you into this world.” (again, more Shift course material.)

The key is, for any of this to happen, first of all, we must believe that we are allowed to catch the bus. We come to recognize that God is unlimited in supply and that everyone has equal access.

Expect your every need to be met, expect the answer to every problem. Expect abundance on every level, expect to grow spiritually.” Eileen Caddy

These expectations and patience have kept the possibility alive for me that I will once again serve people through some new WriteNow! programs and I am excited and grateful for that.

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