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I am sharing my enjoyment this morning of two more perspectives  on God, boats and laughter written in the poetry of Hafiz.

“Two Giant Fat People
By Hafiz

God and I have become like two giant fat people living in a tiny boat;

we keep bumping into each other and



“Barely One You Wish To Harm
by Hafiz

There are only so many people you can carry in your small boat before their weight sinks you.

A hundred you can carry whom you love. But barely one you wish to harm.”


Poetry from:  A Year With Hafiz Daily Contemplations by Daniel Ladinsky

Photography by Rebecca Emmons Lambert


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Garden Girl at Weber Center

This morning’s gospel reading was the story of Jesus meeting the Samaritan woman at the well. Our parish priest loves this story and spends time on many of the insights into Jesus and what he tells us about himself and about ourselves in this story.

The largest image of the story is this wonderful eternal spring of fresh water within each of us that we can return to time after time in the quiet of our heart and soul and be refreshed with grace, energy, wisdom, consolation, and any need we may have at the time.

The woman feels such a release from this encounter at the well that she tells Jesus to stay there and she runs off to get her friends to listen to him for the next two days. They came because she wanted them to, but they stayed because they wanted to.

I have had the grace to have people in my life who know me in truth, and not through judgment. This makes me believe I know what happened within the Samaritan woman that powerful day.

I return to my own “writing well” to post a poem I wrote in 2002.

                                   A Woman by the Well 
                                                           Susan. H. Hajec

                         A woman in search finds 
                                      the respite of the well
                                      seeks healing water within
                                      draws a bucket full without.

                           A woman by the well
                                        finds grace in a chance encounter 
                                        with the stranger who knows her so well
                                        not through judgment
                                        but in truth.

                           A woman by the well
                                         discovers the truth that unlocks
                                         the spring within her that flows and
                                         releases dammed up unforgiveness and
                                         exposes that which is not truth and
                                         does not lead to joy.

                            A woman by the well
                                        is nourished by an inner excitement
                                        of a love not yet known
                                        that now lights her path
                                        and promises an abiding presence.

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