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I am playing with art. I am no longer afraid of art or being an artist. I love Oriental Brush Painting. I love watercolor. I love collage. All of it is now fun to me. I write more than I play with art, but that will balance out eventually, once I get my book completed.

I had fun this summer with an on-line course from Carla Sonnheim. It was a course for children and their parents. I will take her next one and hopefully later on join some more teaching courses with her. Color makes me happy.

We shared our art on-line and it was so fun to get up each of the five days to see what others had created.

This is my Chagall rendering of carousel.


We created Blob animals from cracks and shapes found in the sidewalk and parking lots. There are lots of blobs out there!


We also created lots and lots of herds of corrugated cardboard elephants.



Asian brush art is a favorite of mine and I am taking up learning it. The soft, fluid energy I see in it lights my soul. There is much to learn and PRACTICE is the centerpiece of learning. It is meditation with ink and paint. I love watching YouTube videos to get me going with it.

And I took two workshops in Berea, a creative center of the arts and writers, from Diane Marra this summer also. That deepened my love for this art. I created two pieces that vibrate with chi and warmth for me.


Being genuine.


We moved to Lexington in January 2017 and reside in a nice apartment in The BLVD at Hays complex. The new Lexington Senior Center is very close to us. I took up a few water color classes there. Water color is my favorite paint medium. I love what it does on paper with its blends, splatters, and swirls and thin line art. I want to get much better at it and I have time to practice.



I am Napkinwriter. I write on napkins.


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Softening and Yielding – I’ve always resonated with the lyrics of “On Eagle’s Wings” and many years ago thought one day I would commission an artist to create an image of, “I will raise you up on Eagle’s wings, fly you to the breath of dawn….”
Then I took one of my first water color classes; the leader formatted the class in a very contemplative style, starting with searching questions and a time in quiet before we came to our canvass. I felt very stiff and threatened about “letting go” with wash technique and the salt speckle effect, and just chose colors I love and “yielded” to what, I do not know. Instructor came by and mentioned, “sorta cosmic”. It was then I saw the pink profile of the Eagle with spread wings on the breath of dawn. Do you see her?
So I yielded, became my own artist and framed my watercolor which has hung in my creative/sacred room for over twenty years now.


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