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Great art appeals to the senses. You know — what the eye can see, the heart can long for, the ear can hear.  But, oh, what the nose can smell and the mouth can taste! The cookies of my niece, Katie appeal to them all. (Not sure where the ear fits in unless it may be the tip off, “mom’s batch of cookies are ready!”

Kookies by Katie G can be found on Facebook. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Kookies-by-Katie-G/290777210933783

She has taken her immense talent in art to her kitchen. After painting many images that are now wall hangings in doctor and business offices, she has switched mediums to flour, sugar, frostings and designs that delight the imagination.

By the variety of selections and special orders coming in, it looks like her productions are pretty hefty in number also. And why not? Even if you can’t taste them here, just enjoy the delightful designs and imagination of this artist:

Katie met my nephew, Jeff, when they were both students at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo.

I remember one time that Jeff confided in me, it was pretty soon after meeting Katie that he knew she was THE one.  And sure enough, soon after the college diplomas were earned, Jeff and Katie were married.

There are many people today who are insisting that  we are going to make a real difference in this world by living and giving the truest gifts we have within us. While Katie has this beautiful gift of artistry in her, I believe the greatest gift they give to each other and the world is the love they give and live with each other.

They are a family encircled in being and doing family things. While Katie must be quite busy in the kitchen, Jeff is on his own Facebook page touting some event in his life with his children. They have one beautiful daughter , Megan, and two terrific sons, Jimmy and Nathan.  Perhaps, they are the inspiration of some of Katie’s creativity, like…snow cookies.

daddy and snowangels

Jeff is a marketing professional in his work life and works from his office in his home. So when he is not on the road, he gets fringe benefits of being asked every once in awhile to be a taste tester. What a bother, right! He’s also not far from the ball field he is on often with his children.

Hitter at Bat

Well, I’ve left Katie in the kitchen for awhile now, so  we better go back and see what she’s been up to.

Corporate Orders and Logos

Ladies Night Out

Religious Celebration

There’s a Cake!

Holidays, School Days, and Birthday Parties

Next to last, a Princess Cake my granddaughter would love!

And then comes………

CHRISTMAS! Can you just imagine?

I would guess Santa really looks forward to this stop on his Christmas Route. Family Life is sweet and happy the way they are living it. May the blessings continue.

Katie your artistic gift is A M A Z I N G……keep on giving. Jeff, I enjoy the joy you share of your family life. Happy Father’s Day.

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