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I am looking back on some notes I had written early on the morning last month when Tom had his surgery. I had waited some time in a rather drab and dreary looking room allotted to those of us awaiting our loved one to complete their surgery. I knew it was going to be several hours for me, so I took a stroll down to the sunlit atrium, knowing I would draw some good energy and joy from the sun streaming in the long corridor sky window.

Water Street Cafe is a vendor of coffees, sweets and sandwiches in that same area so I ordered a hazelnut-flavored black small coffee as their rates are quite high. The original Water Street Cafe is squeezed in between two main downtown Kalamazoo one-way thoroughfares just aside the railroad tracks. It is famous for being a favored writer stop-in. I guess it must be famous, published writers who stop in if they can afford the brew on a regular basis.

But today I handed over the required amount and sat down at a near-by table big enough to spread out my notebook and keep my cell phone handy for upstairs notification. I got one. Surgery was started at 10:01 am after a 6:30 arrival this morning.

When I look straight out into the sun-lit hall, I see the decorative etched glass wall creation that announces the corporate values of the medical center. The word Creativity takes center stage right in front of me. There are other panels with values but I randomly, it seems, chose to sit where this was my focus.

Actually, I don’t really believe it was a random choice. It was a guided move, probably from the angel realm, because it immediately graced me and lifted my being above the reaches of anxiety for the time being.

I had come there to open a notebook and copy my own wildly written notes from a conference call I had been on the night before with Janet Conner, a writer about creativity and the spiritual life, and Margo Mastromarchi, ATP,who is an angel guide reader and experienced and educated person . She certified with Doreen Virtue, who is well published in knowledge and education on the angels and schooled through a PhD. degree in psychology. And I was listening to angel communications on that call.  The subject was about creativity, our life purpose, and how to trust our guidance.

So here I sat the next day with the word Creativity, boldly and beautifully reflected off the etched glass and sunbeams streaming into it to make it a lustrous presence. The smaller words on the panel are: gifts and Spirit.

Creativity — the word that is my work. I create and I create with love.  My creativity is my gift to the world. It is the gift I bring to next week’s angel reading. My creativity has always been a gift and always comes from Spirit.

Creativity and the act of creating always give me joy. Other’s creative works that come from love and Spirit make joy dance within me. Jan Phillips says we are born to create. I know I Am born to create and my creations come from love and from Spirit.

I am thinking about the Angel Reading on the telephone last night. I am thinking about the things that bring me joy, that is how the angels said, you can know you are about the right purpose. What brings me joy are: writing Napkinwriter, sharing healing Reiki, the sound of ocean waves, the breeze of the trees, living as a loving being, the smile on any of my grandchildren’s faces, the happiness my children express, feeling the love and the Presence of God, and being grateful for every day of my life.

To think I am actually hearing communication from an angel through an angel reader requires me feeling free and loose about creativity; for later on my rational mind goes all a dither to back up “star points” my intuitive muse within me dances around and says “Yes, yes, yes, can you hear me now?”

So I think of Scripture that tells me, “for I have given you angels to watch over you, to safeguard you on your way.” And that’s all they claim to be doing — guiding the ones who choose to listen.

The angels say we complicate things in our human existence. That the Will of God is not that hard to understand. It is our choice — not our indecision — to be in the Will of God with what we choose to create — as long as our intention is pure and harmless to others. Then rational “Ruby-mind” comes right up with, “You shall decide upon a thing and it shall be established for you,” and “say either yes or no, anything in between (indecision) is anathema or of the devil and shall be spit right out of my mouth!”

I shall not go into the depth of the call,  nor one more that followed that, but I will say I listened with all that was within me. The very top of the call started off with the angels saying that taking care of one-self is paramount and that at this time on earth the most important thing to know is that “You are One.”  Again, an ancient teaching, but the angels, who carry the roles of guidance and messenger, are saying this is the important message for us “to get” right now, and begin to work with it, come to understand it, and be it.

This is the light, that far surpasses the sunlight shining on the glass-etched word Creativity on the hospital atrium wall. It’s a light that is too bright to look at all at once. So I think we can practice it little by little, by finding the switch within ourselves and shining wherever we can, whenever we can. There is no large or small. All our light counts.

I think this is right because the angels caught up with me two more times during Tom’s hospital stay and it wasn’t on a telephone call! They were there. I know it.

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